62% of The Companies are Now Outsourcing to Content Marketing Agencies. Are You?

October 22, 2015

62% of The Companies are Now Outsourcing to Content Marketing Agencies. Are You?

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Content marketing for small business is no more a new found concept. As the potential buyers are spending more and more of their time on internet, with online business activities affecting their buying behavior to a great extent, concepts like content marketing, SEO and social media are resonating throughout the business world.

But having a corporate website and accounts on various social media sites is not just what it is all about. You need to have a content marketing strategy in place. Filling up online spaces with text will not get you results but putting the right information in right tone will surely lead to desired results.

Content marketing for small business is about developing and sharing relevant and useful content to attract potential and exiting customers and make them take a desired action (purchase of your product/ service). By utilizing content marketing techniques small businesses can effectively make use of the benefits of SEO in the marketing of their products, services, brands and business.

Rising Importance of Content Marketing Agencies

Content marketing is of great significance when it comes to getting your brand, products and services noticed. Today, people go online to find solutions or products that they require, and they research, compare and shortlist. An effective content marketing strategy can keep your products and services in potential buyers’ radar, and encourage them to take a favorable action.

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It is evident that you need high quality and relevant content on your website. But how about the time it takes to build up a strong content marketing strategy? Most of the small business owners are tied up with their most valuable and limited resource – their time. Further, the lack of know-how on content marketing. Though there are businesses that try and do it all by themselves without realizing the output they are getting. For taking a chance and experimenting with your content can cost you potential buyers and may even negatively affect the confidence of your existing customers in your company. Hiring a team of full-time professionals like writers, content manager, designers, web developers and others is again an extremely costly affair.

On the other hand, engaging one of the professionals content marketing agencies can resolve your content related problems. Hiring a content marketing agency will give you access to the expertise of a team of content strategists who will work at your disposal. They can offer you expert advice on developing a content strategy that educates and triggers actions from your targeted audience.

Role of Content Marketing Agencies

Content marketing agencies can boost your content plan and make it work effectively for your business. They can help you with content strategy, web content writing, social media marketing, SEO and a number of other facets of your content marketing supply chain. Following are the key roles of content marketing agencies:

  • Content marketing agencies study your business values and objective, and then evaluate your current online identity.
  • They analyze whether your brand’s messaging is in line with your business’ mission from an outsider perspective.
  • Recommendations on website fixes and content related suggestions are then communicated.
  • You can expect a baseline report from content marketing agencies. Such a report enables you to see the results in comparison to the metrics set at the beginning of the project.

How Content Marketing Agencies Can Boost Your Online Identity

Engaging professional content marketing agencies is proving highly rewarding for small businesses and startups. Given the highly competitive business environment, SMEs today are in dire need to have a strong online identity and to be able to establish themselves as distinguished brands. Content marketing agencies can be of great significance here as they are adept at understanding content related trends and how they can work for various businesses and industries.

As per the key findings from the report, B2B Content Marketing 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America, produced by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, and sponsored by Brightcove, “55% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers said that it is unclear within their organization what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like.”

Apparently, small businesses need to get over their hitches and focus more on their presence on internet. Outsourcing to content marketing agencies can help them gain edge over competitors by establishing a strong online identity, using content as a lead generation tool and leveraging customers’ enhanced confidence in their products and services.

Benefits Offered by Content Marketing Agencies

  • Content marketing agencies are cost-effective as their services cost less when compared to the full-time salaries of in-house staff.
  • You get the benefit of domain expertise. Content marketing agencies are well-aware of content related trends, techniques and platforms.
  • Content marketing agencies can greatly influence your social sharing and engagement as relevant and creative content has more chances of being shared across social networks. thus building recognition for your brand and company.
  • Content marketing agencies not only work on your content but also take steps to give it the maximum reach.
  • Content marketing agencies can keep your brand innovative by providing access to the latest industry insights, using best content practice, and taking initiatives to enhance content.

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Selecting one of the best content marketing agencies…

Getting your content marketing strategy wrong can drain your company’s time and resources, and even damage your brand’s reputation. Nevertheless, content marketing agencies can resolve your content related issues, in time-effective and efficient manner. Content Axis is a reputed content marketing agency offering professional content marketing services. Their range of services encompass website copywriting, blog management, social media content, posts & articles, product descriptions, product reviews and press releases.

Content Axis observes failproof writing process through right research, factual writing, fine editing and expert proofreading. They provide simple, compelling & powerful content that conveys your message and brand value.

What clients say about Content Axis…

“We are hiring Content Axis from last 2 years for copywriting and other content work. We got excellent result from them.We always got work on time. From sales copywriting, articles, latest blogs to well crafted case studies, the team dida great job. Indeed our permanent copywriting business partners.” – Munesh Singh, ZNETLIVE

“Very reliable provider. Great communication – Sunita is almost 24/7 online. I can recommend her services to everyone who wants quality articles at a quick turnaround.” – Karol, Poland (POZNAN)

Esmee NetworkDeucetech Solutions, and Devak Infomark are few renowned content marketing agencies in India.


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Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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