5 Facts You Did Not Know About Facebook Marketing

September 11, 2017

5 Facts You Did Not Know About Facebook Marketing

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In June 2017 Mark Zuckerberg proudly displayed that Facebook as a social media platform had nearly 2 billion users exposing the future potential of Facebook marketing.  From being totally obscure a decade back Facebook has come a long way. Having such a wide base do you think it is for wise for any marketer to ignore the growth prospects of Facebook? Not exactly! However, there are some aspects of this digital marketing medium that marketers are yet not aware of.

Let us delve deep into the world of Facebook marketing and discover what these facts are

1.   Facebook bids are seasonal

The bidding process of ads has a major impact on the kind of results your Facebook marketing strategy would deliver. The Facebook algorithm is based on a bidding process which calculates the cost of each impression based on a large number of external factors. Facebook for business tries to satisfy most of the marketers but with so many of them vying for the customer’s attention, it is hard to be able to achieve a balance.

In such a situation using Facebook marketing for small business provides impressions to the brand that is able to bid the highest. If there are many marketers bidding on a particular target then the impression will tend to be very expensive. So all the special events like Black Friday, Christmas and related special days, would definitely have higher priced impressions. The catch on this bidding process is that Facebook does not always make you pay the amount that you bid for. It will still aim for making you pay the lowest amount possible to win that bid.

If the bid you place too low chances are you might not get the kind of result you want to achieve. However, if you bid too high do not worry as you would have to pay only the lowest possible Facebook sponsored ads cost hence making it a winning deal for you.

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2. Amount of text in image

Recently, Facebook decided that the amount of text you could put in your ad should not be more than 20%. If the text used was more than that Facebook would straight away cancel posting the ad on their platform. This caused a lot of problem for most marketers who were unable to understand what was the problem with having more text?

Seeing so much confusion on Facebook has changed their policy a bit. Now they provide you the option to go through what kind of reach their each ad is going to have. Your Facebook advertisements would be screened on the amount of text it has and would be provided an image text rating which could be OK, low, medium or high.

You then know where your ad is lacking and what needs to be done in order for it to be able to target the correct type of customers. A Social media management company can guide you better in understanding the entire concept behind this thinking.

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3.   Using click to chat option for Facebook marketing


Not many people investing effort in Social marketing are actually aware of the fact that the chat option can also be used to increase the way they reach out to their customers. Social media promotion services are all about not letting your customer feel left out and guiding them towards the process of completing a sale.

Click to chat Facebook campaign is the next best offering for customers who are familiar with your service but still need a further push before taking the final decision. In return, you get Facebook followers which reflect the strength of your brand. You can answer any kind of queries over the service or product here. This would give your customer a feeling of being cared, resulting in establishing a relationship with the brand.


4.   Using audience insights

Facebook sponsored ads deliver results all thanks to its ability to be able to reach specific audiences. You can narrow down your selection by targeting their location, age, gender, education level, relationship status and other unique behaviours they display. However, marketers tend to select the same generic target audiences and waste their precious money as that does not lead to getting proper results.

You get the option to analyze seed audience where you can add interests and the social affinity of your customers. Audience insights also give you the option to find out what kind of pages are being liked more by your target consumers. Apart from that if you scroll down you get to view many more pages which are ranked based on their relevance and affinity.

Using these tricks you would get an option to research your customer base and reach out to only the relevant ones thus saving on Facebook marketing cost. A Facebook advertising agency knows how to milk the advantages of these insights and taking their help reduces a lot of burden.


5.   Facebook audience network

Launched in 2014 the Facebook audience network (FAN) was quick to achieve $1 billion annual run rate. Audience network is a prominent Facebook tool that allows your advertisement to be shared across many high quality apps and sites. This gives you the chance to connect with more people regardless of where their online web presence is.

Adverts that you place on the audience network can be created in multiple formats like video and display placements. Whatever format you plan to use uploading new creative assets for each is not required at all. The ads that have been created for Facebook marketing would be automatically customized to suit the kind of placement that you require.  Selling on Facebook then becomes a cakewalk for those who are just starting. Effective use of the audience network leads to the successful achievement of goals like traffic, app installs, product sales, video views, reach and brand awareness and engagement.

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The most powerful fact about Facebook marketing is not its reach but its flexibility. You can customize your marketing strategy and play around with the multiple modules that Facebook has to offer you. Though it may take you some time to understand and grasp all its benefits the manner in which FB marketing is growing, it is totally worth the effort.

So start working on your marketing goals soon and consult a Facebook marketing services firm to help you do so effectively!

They will not only make you aware of the above mentioned points but also formulate a strategy that would lead to maximum Facebook lead generation for you. The key, however, would still be to not lose much time in implementing the same.

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