5 Business Valuation Services Shortlisted In India For Small Businesses

September 16, 2016

5 Business Valuation Services Shortlisted In India For Small Businesses

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When it comes to obtaining a business valuation, business owners are faced with a myriad of choices. Should you talk to a business broker? Should you ask your CPA? Should you use a free online business value calculator? Should you use a paid online service? Or should you hire a certified business appraiser? The reality is that every business valuation service will try to convince you why it is the best. As the saying goes, “Never ask a car salesman if you need a new car.”

Here are 7 considerations you should take into account when choosing the right business valuation service for you:

  • Specialty
  • Track record
  • Present market knowledge
  • Size of your business
  • Purpose of valuation
  • Budget

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Learn About How The Below Mentioned Shortlisted Outsourcing Business Valuation Firms Could Be The Best For Your Small Businesses….SME Networks will help you find the business valuation firm that fits you best.

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BizEquity   Biz Equity- New Delhi

Founded in the year 2010, BizEquity has created the world’s largest and only patented online business valuation engine. The software exists to help business owners and their advisors like wealth managers, insurance and banking professionals to value their prospects & clients realtime. Our simple 7-step online process delivers a thorough business valuation report in a fraction of time and for a fraction of the cost unlike the other traditional offline methods.

Their specialties are: Business services, Business valuation, Business optimization, and Management consulting

Know Biz Equity core team

Sandesh Hegde is Head Valuations at Biz Equity (India). Business and Intangible valuation professional having valued companies for M&A, fund raising, tax purposes and compliances with US GAAP, IFRS and U.S. IRS regulations. Valued almost two hundred plus privately & publicly held entities over different geographies and business segments with an enterprise value as low as U.S. $ 1 million to as high as $ 1 billion.

Akshay Chaturvedi is a result driven professional with 12+ years of proven track record in steering Business Operations, Strategy Formulation, P/L Accountability, Sales & Marketing and Business Development, Channel Management, Start Up/SME Management, People Management and Client Relationship Management in leadership positions. At present associated with Solomon Consulting Private Limited.

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Biz Equity offers specialized services such as: 

Business Valuation

  • Their comprehensive valuation services enables professionals to provide their clients with the best possible services.
  • By evaluating how much your existing and potential clients are actually worth, you can guide them about short term and long term investments
  • International disputes before international courts of jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals
  • Transaction pricing and structuring in commercial acquisitions and divestitures
  • Strategic and financial restructuring, ownership structure transformation
  • Securities fraud
  • Valuation for financial reporting compliance
  • Tax and regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory and accounting

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Apart from above mentioned, Biz Equity provides specializes in other services such as Management consulting, business optimization, and business services.

RBSA Advisors  RBSA Advisors – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, & Delhi

Since its inception in 1976,  RBSA advisors has remained a leading global independent Valuation and Transaction Advisory firm.

RBSA Advisors delivers trusted advice and fairness opinions principally in the areas of Valuation, Investment Banking and Advisory Services. The firm’s world class capabilities and resources, combined with an agile and responsive delivery, distinguishes the RBSA client experience.

Their specialties are:

  • Business & Equity Valuation
  • Financial Reporting & Tax Valuations
  • Brand & Intangible Asset Valuation
  • Industrial and Plant & Machinery Valuation
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Mines & Mineral Reserve Valuation
  • Specialized Asset and Infrastructure Valuations
  • Investment banking

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Meet RBSA Advisors core team

Rajeev Shah is Managing Director & CEO at RBSA Advisors.  He is pro at handling  is a very seasoned professional. He is extremely balanced and keeps his focus at the bigger picture always. Apart from his professional expertise, he is very much personable and handles issues with great level of confidence and with integrity. A very good person to be associated with. He is pro at Valuations, Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Real Estate Transactions etc.

Gautam Mirchandani  is a very dependable and a reliable guy who not only gives sound advice on the valuation front but will also goes out of his way to help clients, associates and partners to forge good deals; making sure its a win-win situation for all.

Gaurav Juneja is a self-driven professional with more than four years of experience in equity research and an additional two-year of experience in a leadership development role. Presently associated with RBSA Advisors as a Manager in the Financial Advisory Services division of the company responsible for business development, strategy, and execution

RBSA Advisors is known for its specialized service:

Business Valuation

RBSA is a leading, independent and full service Valuation Firm. We are an internationally recognized and respected brand with a leadership position in Valuation consulting. RBSA has been at the forefront of development of the profession and proving innovative Valuation Advisory Services since past 4 decades. We have provided Valuation services in over 25+ countries.

  • Business Valuation
  • Valuation of Brands, Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property
  • Valuation of Financial Securities, Instruments & Derivatives
  • Valuation of Industrial Assets, Plant & Machinery
  • Valuation of Real Estate
  • Valuation of Infrastructure Assets & Specialized Assets
  • Purchase Price Allocations for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Impairment Studies for Tangible Assets
  • Impairment Studies for Intangible Assets & Goodwill
  • Mines, Mineral Advisory and Valuation
  • Valuation of ESOPs and Sweat Equity
  • Valuation for Tax, Transfer Pricing and Company Law Matters
  • Fairness Opinions

Apart from business valuation services, the company offers:

Advisory services

Their Advisory Services have consistently delivered high-class solutions and results which are designed to meet each client’s individual needs. With their multidisciplinary expertise across various industry segments they have brought clarity to difficult and complex situations.

  • Financial Advisory for Dispute & Litigation
  • Strategic & Risk Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Infrastructure Advisory Services
  • Technical Assurance Services

Investment Banking

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Transaction Structuring & Advisory
  • Due Diligence – Financial, Tax and Business
  • Fairness Opinion
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Corporate Restructuring, Business Reorganization

Their clientèle list include some of the esteem names like: 

Transaction Structuring in IndiaTransfer Pricing Valuation, Valuation of Shares in QatarArbitration Valuation in GermanyBid Process Management in MalaysiaProject Management Consultants in IndiaPublic Private Partnership in UAEForecast Assessment in IndiaFeasibility Studies in UAEDebt Solution advisory Services in IndiaDebt Syndications in IndiaCompany Law Matters Consultancy in IndiaEntry Strategies in International Markets in JapanValuation of Specialized Properties in IndiaEntry Strategies in Saudi Arabia

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Aranca Valuations –  Mumbai & Gurgaon

Founded in 2003, Aranca is a global research, analytics, and advisory firm empowering decision makers with a Custom Intelligence Blueprint. They help decision-makers from Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and high potential start-ups to understand and solve complex business problems about their markets, customers, competitors, channels, supply chain, technologies and compliance regulations across geographies and industries.

Their specialties are: Investment research, Fixed income research, Business research,  Business valuation, Intellectual property research, Market research and Procurement research.

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Meet the core team of Aranca Valuations

Swetabh Pareek is an Associate Director at Aranca Valuations. He is a transaction advisory professional with over a decade of experience of working with corporates operating across new economy and traditional sectors. My primary focus areas includes projects involving Investment analysis, valuation and fairness opinions, transaction diligence, strategic business & market studies, etc. I have a keen interest in interacting with media. My thought pieces and opinions has appeared in various platforms such as Financial Express and National Venture Capital Association.

Manish Dua is a Business Development and Key accounts head at Aranca.

Astute professional with broad range of experience and focus on getting results by improving customer experience and operational efficiencies. He is skilled in Profit Centre Operations, Corporate/ Institutional Sales , Business Development, Key Account Management, Business Excellence and Customer Relationship Management with reputed organizations.

Pratixha Narhar is a VP Human resources at Aranca. Her responsibilities include supporting my head HR & CEO on making the Strategic HR plan for the year. Restructuring/organization re-design in businesses to ensure optimizing resources utilization as well as increasing efficiency. Lead an Efficiency task initiate for HR & Admin to cut down on redundancies, repetitions & increase efficiency in the system.  Leverage talent across functions globally – identify opportunities for moving talent within business functions based on potential & business needs.

Aranca Valuations offers specialized services such as:

Business Valuation

Companies need an independent valuation firm that is able to apply its financial expertise and knowledge of accounting standards to complex valuation situations, proactively interact with auditors to address their questions, thereby freeing precious time to focus on what they do best.

  • Purchase Price Allocations (ASC 805)
  • Goodwill Impairment (ASC 350)
  • Complex Securities Valuations
  • 409A Valuation stock
  • Estate planning Retirement planning
  • Valuation of stock options
  • Exit planning strategy
  • Value maximizing strategy

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   Viable Venture- Delhi & Kolkata

Viable Venture is a business planning firm. They are passionate about helping entrepreneurs take well informed decisions about their startups and new ventures. Using their sector neutral expertise, they have developed business plans across sectors for our Indian and overseas clients since 2001. They provide following services for new as well as existing business ventures.


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Their specialties are:Business plan, Feasibility study, Valuation, and Business Model

Meet the core team of Viable Venture

Rajeev Kapoor is CEO of Focus Profit, a business planning firm based at New Delhi providing Profit improvement solutions for business turnarounds and growth. He holds a degree in Chartered Accountant. His area of expertise is Business planning, CEO Advisory & Joint Ventures. He has the uncanny ability to identify customer needs in a market and then develop a solution around it.

Kamalesh Mukherjee

Kamalesh is a Director of FocusProfit. In the last ten years, Kamalesh has helped his clients to achieve higher turnover, profitability and better Working Capital Management. He does this by identifying and focusing on certain critical areas that impact the businesses most significantly. His solutions are completely number- driven; he collaborates to create a team buy- in for effective implementation and he creates the measures to effectively track the progress.

Subhankar Patra

Subhankar is a Director of FocusProfit, Chartered accountant, Cost accountant and first class graduate in chemistry. He has over 22 years of experience in companies like Organon India, Rossell Industries Ltd, Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd, CESC Ltd, Nagarjuna Fertlizers and chemicals Ltd. and Sultan Qaboos University and Hospital. Subhankar is a task master with an analytical mind. He has extensive hands on knowledge in strategic planning, feasibility studies, financial modelling, corporate valuation and corporate restructuring.

Viable Venture specializes in services like:

Business Valuation

  • Agree valuation objective and user segment
  • Define business entities and included assets being valued
  • Basis of value applied in the business valuation analysis
  • Market Analysis for valuation basis
  • Assumptions and limitations pertaining to business valuation
  • Valuation approaches and methods used
  • Valuation Modeling and Projections
  • Sensitivity and Risk analysis
  • Business value conclusion
  • Uniqueness of business
  • Scale potential
  • Risk to a buyer

Business Plan

ViableVenture provides high quality business plans which aims at aligning the management team toward a common set of goals. These business plans provide a clear growth roadmap and are also used to approach investors. Our sector nuteral business planning expertise does not carry any biases and helps our clients take well informed decision about their business.

For Whom

  • For approaching an investor
  • For ongoing business for growth

Business Offering

▸Key stategic choicess – Type, range, price, qualitylems and needs
▸Business Model

Market segments
▸Territory and market study
▸Market potential
▸Customer segments and buying behaviours
▸Growth drivers of the market
▸Competition and their comparative assessment
▸Likely market challenges
▸Marketing strategies
▸Location analysis

Business Model

  • Customer Segments
    Customer segments, customer problems, need connect, why would customer buy, how big is target segment
  • Value Propositions
    What is our Value proposition including range, price, quality, differentiation, competitiveness, offering SWOT
  • Customer Relations
    How is value proposition communicated to customers
  • Key Activities
    Channels of sales/distribution, activities for acquiring new customers and business from existing customers.
    Activities for operations, delivery and for customer retention

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PureValue Financial & Research Solutions- New Delhi

PureValue is a financial consulting company with prime focus on business valuation and risk advisory of companies of all sizes in all context and boundaries was formed in the year 2009. Valuation is a science based on logic, fair assumptions and vast array of empirical studies conducted in different part of the world. The Business Valuation is about understanding the true sense of the business, understanding the Industry and the segment to which it belongs and applying the valuation methodologies to derive the value of the business.

Their specialties are: Risk management advisory, Tax and audit services, Business valuations, Fund advisory

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Meet the core team of PureValue Financial & Research Solutions

Vikram Sharma is Managing Director at PureValue Financial & Research Solutions. He is an investment banker specialized in Valuation Advisory , Risk Advisory and Fund Advisory. After working with leading broking houses.

Aishwarya Gupta is an Associate at PureValue. He is self motivated person and a quick learner and want to enhance my practical and technical knowledge in a corporate world and work for the profitability of the organization.

Mini Vasisth is serving as a Manager Operations at PureValue. Her work involves all the operations groundwork to support PureValue AdvisoryTeam.

PureValue Financial & Research Solutions specializes in:

Business valuation advisory

While undertaking any valuation advisory we follow a Top down approach, we look into the Industry – Sector – company. We as a valuer focus our-self on key value drivers of business, cash flow generation capability of business, promoters’ background, etc.

  • Startup Valuation
  • Intangible Valuation, Brand valuation Consultants
  • Valuation of Asset, plant and machinery
  • ESOP & Sweat Equity consultant
  • FDI Valuation Consultant
  • Distress Valuation
  • Purchase Price Allocation

Tax & Assurance Services

  • Statutory Audits under various Indian statutes
  • Direct and Indirect taxes
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Consolidation under IFRS/IAS
  • Forensic Audits
  • Attestation Work required under various statutes
  • Revenue Audits
  • Special Audits

Compliance & Outsourcing

  • Accounting Support
  • Book keeping
  • Fund management, banking related processing
  • Preparation of statutory annual reports
  • Audit support
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll management
  • Provident fund related processing
  • Employee full and final processing

SME Networks have shortlisted “Valuation Service Offering Companies” as a reference; as they found to be employing well- qualified professionals and these companies comes equipped with top preference.

The details provided will only be used to update you regularly with details of our services.

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