Avail Free Consultation and 10% Waiver for Outsourced CFO Services

December 17, 2015

Avail Free Consultation and 10% Waiver for Outsourced CFO Services

Looking for CFO? elEVAte Offers Multiple Discounts on Outsourced CFO Services


elEVATE is a financial and HR advisory firm based out of Bangalore. elEVAte now brings forth a double offer – one free consultation as well as a 10% discount on retainership fee on Outsourced CFO Services for two months. This offer is applicable in Bangalore and is valid until January 31st, 2016. So waste no time, click on Grab the Offer button and avail the offer NOW!


Startups and small businesses often don’t require full-time CFOs. They turn to outsourcing their CFO services. elEVAte now offers a free consultation to identify your business challenges as well as a 10% discount on retainership fee on CFO services for 2 months. You can utilize this offer to get a thorough consultation of your balance sheet for any profit & loss discrepancies, any challenges in your finances, or to identify opportunities that can be leveraged to increase revenue. If you have been looking to outsource your CFO services, this consultation will help you get started on the right path.

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Outsourced CFO Services Offer Significant Savings for Startups and SMEs

A CFO analyses finances of a company, discusses its weaknesses and strengths, and provides strategic direction. A CFO must have impeccable communication skills and excellent leadership skills besides the knowledge and experience. Now, a person with a senior level position will naturally charge a salary at a much higher range. For a startup or a small business, paying for a full-time CFO is often not an option as money becomes the focal point of all decisions.

Also, for a small company, a full-time CFO may not be required at all.

An Outsourced CFO is an expert in risk management, compliance, capital structure, economic strategies and performance evaluations and offers financial expertise. The role of a CFO is much more than what a typical of accountant can offer.

Outsourced CFO Services Provide the Same Expertise at a Much Lower Cost

Claim Major Savings with Outsourced CFO Services from elEVAte

As stated before, a full-time CFO may not be required in a small firm. If you do hire one, the person is likely to be underutilized and over paid.

An outsourced CFO may not be working full-time. He/she may visit your offices as and when required. He takes a look at your financials, analyses balance sheet, keeps track of your financials and provides inputs from time to time on opportunities that your business can leverage to increase revenue. A primary responsibility of a CFO is also to look at red flags and help you break out of such scenarios. An outsourced CFO provides a wealth of strategic expertise at often much lower costs.

Outsourced CFOs can save a good amount of money

Outsourced CFOs don’t usually work full-time. And hence they don’t charge a full-time salary. That’s an inherent advantage of outsourced CFO services. Depending on the size of and needs of your organization and its business, they may work one half or full-day a week. Due to the subscription nature of their service, you will also not be charged at the same frequency.

This saved money can then be channeled on to other progressive activities that have been pending for long.

Outsourced CFOs don’t need to be managed by you

When you are outsourcing your CFO services, you are also reducing your staff to be managed by one. That means not just their appointment or disengagement, you will be free from a lot of overhead like retirement and health insurance benefits for them. That’s another significant chunk of money saved right there!

Outsourced CFO services are easy to scale up / down

An experienced CFO can bring in a new perspective to your financials and help restructure your finances. This restructuring will eventually translate to more opportunities to help grow your business. It will also help identify, eliminate, or optimize any inactive and time-consuming financial processes in order to achieve higher productivity.

If you have an in-house team, you may also have to hire new staff when the workload increases. This means additional processes to be followed; extra costs will be incurred and a lot of time will be spent in hiring this new staff.

A virtual or outsourced CFO on the contrary provides you scalability as and when you need it, without going through the extra hassles of hiring new staff.

An experienced virtual or outsourced CFO helps you in times of a cash flow crunch

An outsourced CFO can provide a great deal of insight in times of crisis. Before taking up a charge of a huge project, it is always recommended to conduct a thorough financial analysis of your balance sheet. This will help you get a fresh perspective and save you from any embarassment when the client asks to have a peek at your financials.

If then you do find a discrepancy, an outsourced CFO can provide strategic directions to help you recover from it and even provide ideas to grow your financials.

If you have been facing a cash flow crunch recently, an outsourced CFO can help you get into the bottom of where exactly your cash is going and may even recommend you ways to save and generate new streams of revenue or maximize the output of current revenue streams.

If you have a new large contract coming up, you will feel the void of a financial expert. An outsourced CFO can help you understand and negotiate financial terms of the contract and identify areas of possible revenue leakage.

Qualities of a Good CFO

Claim Major Savings with Outsourced CFO Services from elEVAte

Outsourced CFOs are usually hired in an interim capacity and charged with the financial turnaround of the company. Therefore, from a professional standpoint, the outsourced CFO services firm must assign you with a CFO who has substantial change management and transition implementation experience.

Technical expertise in a CFO are not much useful without great communication and leadership skills.

Depending on the level of services or the complexity of engagement required, the outsourced CFO services firm you hire may provide you a single person to handle all the tasks or a small group of expert individuals.

Let’s now list out the qualities to expect in a virtual or outsourced CFO or a CFO team.

A virtual or outsourced CFO should not be rigid

Some outsourcing firms have a strict sets of roles and responsibilities their outsourced CFO will perform. This however can be detrimental to the interests of the organization hiring them. In reality, a CFO rarely conducts a fixed set of services. CFOs typically have to conduct a lot of multidisciplinary roles and therefore it is essential that they provide you flexibility in their services. They could shrug off their responsibilities citing contract restrictions or may ask for additional charges for a change in the contract.

Flexibility is the number one requirement in a virtual or outsourced CFO, since the person / group may be required to wear several hats all the time.

A virtual or outsourced CFO should possess immaculate communication skills

An outsourced CFO will be acting as a central point of advisory to all other departmental heads. That is why it is essential for a CFO to have communication skills.

No matter how much the experience the person has, if he cannot explain his decisions to others in an understandable language, it will eventually create a communication bottleneck. For a senior management position like CFO, communication and interpersonal skills are all the more important, since the information he/she provides will drive the decisions of other departments of the organization.

Leadership qualities of a virtual or outsourced CFO

As stated before, they are the go-to person for many org-wide decisions. To ensure quality output, they must delegate their tasks and drive teams to attain higher efficiency each time.

A strong leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and is able to reward them when needed.


elEVAte as Your Outsourced CFO Services Partner

Despite the products, services, and technology being very good, many small and medium sized businesses struggle with strategy and planning. Due to lack of financial discipline and long-term planning, they are unable to handle ups and downs of business trends.

elEVAte has guided several organizations out of tricky business scenarios in the past. We bring value additions to scale up the operations and help them grow with consistent stability.

Our support services can be collectively called as Super CFO Service to corporate. They include:

  • Drive management decision with accurate information
  • Draw a practicable and ambitious business plan
  • Support the implementation of all the strategic ideas from management of the company
  • Advise & enable them on right funding
  • Support on bringing strategic alliance partner
  • Support to bring cost efficiency in all their key functional areas
  • Support on all financial & management accounting as an outsourced CFO service

Outsourced CFO services by elEVAte

elEVAte offers financial services in the areas of Corporate Advisory, Corporate Funding, and Tax Advisory.

Strategy & Governance
  • Development and validation of strategies
  • Development, maintenance and improvement of Governance Standards
  • Factory setup, diversification, and expansion
  • Backward and forward integration
Business Plans
  • Development of promoter’s vision/ mission statement
  • 5 year Company business plan
  • Yearly & quarterly rolling forecast.
  • Monthly progress review meetings
Fund Raising
  • Raising debt funding and working capital,
  • Project financing, leasing finance
  • Raising private equity, VC funding, and Angle investments through HNIs
  • Assistance with pre-IPO preparation
Decision Making
  • MIS report from finance desk
  • Project tracking
  • Real estate developers
  • Daily dashboards
  • Customer and product profitability
  • Treasury management
  • Customer cost estimation & tracking
  • International management reporting formats – Hyperion, Frango
  • Alert systems to improve the efficiency.
  • Reports to an external stakeholders and investors.
  • Time-bound reporting implementation
  • International companies
Partner Support
  • Vendor/distributor due diligence
  • Customer pricing offer due diligence
  • Liasoning with bankers for any transaction support
Deal Assistance
  • Liaison with potential acquirers, targets or collaborators
  • Liaison with foreign partners
  • Deal negotiations with vendors and customers
Business Process Improvement
  • Setting up of standard operating procedures.
  • Risk Management
  • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
  • Product and customer rationalization
  • ERP tool implementations
  • Working capital management
  • Implementation of Costing structure
Operational Support
  • Routine accounting compliance
  • IFRS assistance
  • Preparation for GST
  • Complex accounting reconciliations
  • AR recovery solutions
  • Transactional Support
Company Secretarial Support
  • Incorporation of companies/LLPs
  • Annual returns certification
  • Filing of forms, certificates, and filing with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Secretarial audit

FAQs from elEVAte

Q1. I am a new business entrepreneur and my business is less than 6 months old. I am looking for strong financial advice, like that of a CFO. But I cannot pay for a full-time CEO. How can elEVAte help?

elEVAte has guided several organizations out of tricky business scenarios in the past. We bring value additions to scale up the operations and help them grow with consistent stability. Our focus is to bring sustainable value to the promoters resulting in a confident community of investors.

The EVA is elEVAte stands for Economic Value Addition. We focus purely on enhancing profits continuously and relentlessly, way beyond the expectations of our clients.  We intend to work with aspirational business owners who wish to add economic value to their business with clarity and help them enhance the way they think about growth.

Small businesses don’t usually require full-time CFOs. With outsourced CFO services from elEVAte, our clients typically experience savings in the range of 15-20%. These numbers may differ across business cases; elEVAte can also provide a thorough consultation of your finances and give you an overview of the savings you can claim.

Q2. What are the charges associated with elEVAte’s outsourced CFO services?

elEVAte offers three types of pricing plans. For offsite CFO services, our pricing model is based on retainership. Actual costs also vary on many factors like turnover, criticality & need bases.

  • For businesses with turnover up to Rs.15cr, we charge Rs. 50,000/- per month
  • For businesses with turnover Rs.15 cr to 25 cr, we charge Rs. 75,000/- per month
  • For businesses with turnover above 25 Cr, we charge above Rs.75,000/- per month above per depending on volume, business model, criticality etc.

In additions to the above, we do offer appointment of a finance manager for client on our roll to support CFO Services. Our pricing model and charges remain same as offsite services, but also include the onsite finance manager’s salary.

For outsourced CFO Services for specific cases, we can share a quote after initial consultation depending on issues diagnosed and reported. Lowest cost will be Rs.25,000/- per case.

Q3. What is the typical savings that your clients have been able to achieve after availing your services?

Our clients regularly experience savings of about 15%. However, we can make an upfront commitment only after initial assessment/consultation.

Who Are We – elEVAte Leadership Team


Mr. GOVINDAN THAMARAI KANNAN – Director, Corporate Finance

G T Kannan as he is popularly known is a man of action; actioning pre meditated plans and working towards performing goals for his clients to drive professional excellence and success in their businesses as is his regular practice. He is the Founder & CEO of M/s. elEVAte Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.



Ms. RAJATHI SUBRAMANIAM- Director, HR Training

Rajathi is an experienced behavioral skills specialist who has trained over 25,000 participants from leading corporations, colleges and schools across the nation. She is regularly invited to deliver talks to a wide range of audiences including government employees, graduating students and even senior citizens.


Venkat Raghu, Mentor, elEVAteMr. VENKATARAMAN RAGHU – Mentor

Around 40 years of experience in Automobile and Automobile Component Manufacturing Industries . He retired from I.F.B. Industries, where he has been posted as Managing Director in 2012. He had been actively involved in supporting SME’s in their endeavour to scale up to the next level and in overcoming the hurdles. Also he provided solutions to Energy Management and LED lighting.


Devanand Achuthan, elEVAteDevanand Achuthan, B.Com, CS (Executive), MBA Finance, ICFAI and Executive General Management Program, IIM Bangalore

Seasoned finance and business professional with over 22 years of experience in leading the financial functions of manufacturing & trading operations in multinational organizations with strong business orientation with startup and channel building exposure. Recognized for ability to identify continuous change actions to reduce cost, increase sales and margins. Responsibilities spanning over strategic financial management, merger, financial planning, funding, reporting, forecasting, costing & variance analysis, information systems, working capital management, fixed assets and general ledger. Industry Exposure Summary: Bio-fuels, Textile, Plastic molding & Direct Selling and Automotive – Assembly, Injection molding & Technical textile.



Mr. SANTOSH – Director, HR

recruited right candidates for more than 200+ reputed clients in the Ten years. He has offered recruitment services to range of industries such as Automobile, Bank and Financial Institutions, Buildings and Construction, Energy, FMCG, Garments & Apparel, Hotel and Hospitality, Infrastructure, Information Technology, ITES, Jewel and Ornaments, Logistics, Oil, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Retail, Shipping and etc. Our recruitment team studies the client’s talent requirements and then gets the right talent through Systematic Search Methodology. He has been instrumental in establishing the entire top management team in reputed corporate and MNCs. Our Systematic search approach, internal talent database and ethical approach help us to get the right talent within shortest possible time.




Mr. Guha is a Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He has over 37 years of experience in Corporate Affiars of listed and unlisted companies. He has had the privilege to be associated with IPOs of Tata Metaliks Limited and Nitesh Estates Limited. He has in his previous organisations handled M&A, Due diligence, Finance & Accounts and compliance portfolios. He has worked in senior management in organisations like TATA Metaliks, TATA Cummins, Autoliv-IFB, AstraZeneca, Avesthagen, and Nitesh Estates.

Vijaya Kumar N.S, ACMA (erstwhile name AICWAI) , CAIIB, MBA

He has served 25 years in bank as relationship manager, experts lies corporate loans & advances, assessment of Banking Finance, project reports, costing, security documentation, Indirect taxes. Also faculty member in Bank.

Image source: findingclarity.ca, hunffingtonpost.com, tampacpa.org

December 17, 2015

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