Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made? Maxil Technology- Raj Kosaraju & Kalyan Reddy

March 11, 2015

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made? Maxil Technology- Raj Kosaraju & Kalyan Reddy

Maxil Technology- Raj Kosaraju & Kalyan Reddy


It’s an age old question, “Are entrepreneur the special breed, born to this world with a drive to be succeeding that the majority of the humanity lacks, or they can be created through education, experience and mentorship”?

There may be an entrepreneur gene, born with certain genetic characteristics and personality traits that are sure to become successful entrepreneur, but there are individuals that are determined and don’t want to fit in that typical 9-5 schedule.

We have the finest examples of this question here- Mr. Raj Kosaraju & Kalyan Reddy are the founders of Maxil Technology Pvt. Ltd. – a leading provider of innovative Information Technology solutions and service provider. Mr. Raj is also developing software for hiring a good workers comp attorneys, which are able to deal with a dangerous job. With its headquarters in Oakbrook, Illinois it majorly concentrates on offering industry solutions in 5 core areas:

  • Data warehousing
  • Quality assurance
  • Applications
  • Networking
  • Java

Maxil Technologies have their offices in Illinos- Chicago and Secunderabad-India.


What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

We have read this question many times at several places. Perhaps, reading motivation stuff and to know how was the journey is encouraging but there is more and beyond to this question. We never thought beyond this, about what could be their journey in real – how they felt when they were actually beginning with the new business. Let’s hear from them in their own words…..

In conversation with Raj Kosaraju, the CIO and the founder of Maxil Technologies…….

The Willingness To Accept The Risk- The Idea To Start Own Company, How and Where?

I and Kalyan (Kal) were working professionals back then and that is when we decided to start our own company in the year 2000. I had completed my studies in Costa Rica and Kalyan was in Texas where we two met and that was the time we bonded well together. A start of great friendship made us put two and two together. Together we started discussing the business strategies and that was the day we decided to start our own company – Maxil Technology was born. With a humble beginning, we started in a small way accompanying just 10 employees on board. And look at it today; we have over 100 employees as of now.

Maxil Technology is the leading provider of the innovative information technology solutions and services.

 Perceived A Changed Circumstances- A New Challenge, A New Opportunity Or A Problem

Today there is has been huge advancement in IT technology sector. Systems today are growing increasingly complex and very less companies are able to respond with the flexibility and agility to keep the clients/users productive and happy. We worked on the model where we hoped that IT would be able to focus its resources on partnering with the business to design and build solutions that can generate a competitive advantage. This model will let IT to move from world of large capital outlays based on estimates of future needs to smaller operational expenses that matches actual usage.

 Managing Money Wisely- Outsourcing the business was a good idea?

The lifeblood of any business enterprise is cash flow. You need to buy for the inventory, pay to your employees, promote and market the business, therefore one has to become wise money managers to make sure that the cash keeps flowing and the bills get paid – I did the same by outsourcing the business to India.

The growing business demands high cost of hiring programmers in Chicago and that is why we considered offshore outsourcing with the dedicated team. We started off with the one month pilot project and it was awesome- Great Success! I personally believed that the key to success in doing software development in India is keeping the programmers you hire.

Being a medium sized IT Company, where our programmers know that they really matters to the success of the client projects. This practice has put a lot of faith in the company. We also offer work opportunities for the employees to travel if the circumstances demand.

 Growing is good -Where else the company has the presence?

We also house a software development operation in Eastern Europe where we are able to get 24 hour development and support by coordinating the work of the programmers working in these 2 offshore locations and possible the client’s also. This is one way to handle the clients when dealing with mission critical applications such as Telecom industries, banking, and finance.

 What Makes Companies That Find Maxil Technology Exclusive?

In today’s contemporary world, finding a seamless backend IT partner is an area that companies have to struggle across the verticals. Our company has pioneered the model as such that it not only provides customized outsourcing solutions but also flexibility keeping in minds the client’s culture and environment in mind.  Some of our USP’s that set us apart are:

  • The teams are developed and allocated on the client’s needs
  • We work based on the IT Roadmap offered to us to find the areas that are best suited to bring value and quickest ROI
  • Based on the budget and company culture, our models include pure offshore/onsite teams. Being a flexible partner, we work with your company to find the best model to start with and if needed can provide further customized solutions suiting the budget
  • Being a US based corporation, our global teams will be working as per your time zone that allows the real time collaboration and true branch location feel.
  • With our unique model, we can deliver the same productivity level with 50 to 70% cost reduction
  • Our team comprises of more than 700 engineers with varied skill sets that are fully geared to augment client’s IT needs

 Coming This Far, Achieved Success….Now What? Have you picked up any funding or plan to pick up?

Being an entrepreneur I have learned one thing, “don’t lose – stay positive and stay strong”…..There is no shortcut to find success, being determined and positive will going to help. It is good to say those nice phrases now but there were times that success was far-reaching. Now that Maxil Tehcnology has tasted the success and has met the recognition it feels like top of the world.

To constantly evolve is important to keep up with the changing trend of the technology. Presently we are looking up for the funds in the coming years, planning to come up with IPO.

 What About The New Workplaces In The Past 3 Years?

We are doing a lot of work through sales development partners and this has arisen the need for additional workspace. We have 5 of our channel partners who have been added in the past 3 years.

What Are The Different Key Features That You Plan To Add?

We are planning to add integrated viewing options across online platforms- A new search platform that increases the assortment and reduces the expenditure.

What Are Your Business Plans For The Next 3 Years?

To grow, to achieve more as much possible – There are many things in the pipeline as of now, but we are taking one step at a time. We are into expanding our business, so seeking good business proposals from the IT sector and gearing up for the IPO release.

Unhappy Clients Are Never Good- How do you recognize your prospect clients and customers unmet needs?

Entrepreneurs think of their own skills as an investment, whatever the time they put in should have the greatest possible return. Constant contact, follow up and follow through with the customers prospects and business alliances is my mantra. Constant and consistent follow up enables you to turn prospects into customers, increasing the value of each sale and buying frequency from the existing clients. It builds strong business relationship with the clients, customers and your core business team.

A strong need is easily recognized in the business. The majority of the issues are known by interacting with the people from all walks of the life. We take it on a positive note that, learning and gaining the insights of the same. We like to connect and realize that there is a potential.

 All Work and No Play-How is the work culture and environment like at your work place?

People have unique abilities and my task is to identify them and provide them with the right opportunities to these individuals to bring in their special abilities to the fore. We have had some great contributions and solutions coming from different individuals in the team once they have bought into overall vision of the organization and understand how they can contribute their best  to the end goals – all these and much more can be achieved when you have a healthy work atmosphere.  The work culture in our organization is at par matching with some of the best in the country. We were adjudged as the “Best Workplace” in Illinois since year 2005.

Restructuring The Team- Did Your Company Did In The Last Three Years?

The company didn’t do any restructuring, neither borrowed from anyone. We are ploughing back our retained earnings and closely held funds by our partners. The company has done very well in past years and has witnessed 20% increase every year. We are also hiring for the different projects wherever we can. Soon we are planning to go for an IPO in the coming years.

Why U? – Why The Clients Should Care About Your Products and Services?

Because we talk about the quality first – Our business have clearly defined unique selling points such as customer service orientation, quality satisfaction, better service, better returns, flexible working, longer warranty is the combination of all these.  To get all these things in one package is rare hence; it makes our company exclusive for the business.

A Happy Customer Brings More Than A Smile – How You Determine One?

The reputation is what you have created for your business in the market, but the true value come to know when you are getting happy clients/customers. This means you have earned that hard work and efforts that you have put in making your business. Customer satisfaction is the utmost thing and should be the top priority of any business. One unhappy customer can bad mouth about your company and this could easily spread in the market wherein you might lose good many deals over it. Understand what your client wants and what kind of budget he has. Offering cost effective solutions have definitely worked in making clients happy.

Bringing More Awareness About Your Company- How Will You Do That?

Marketing plans are always been on roll, helpful in bringing the revenue. However, doing projects and earning revenue is not just the talk, it needs more and more awareness in the market of the business. We are coming up with different sales promotions, as well as participating in various events and exhibitions which have been helpful in gaining the popularity.

Change Is Consistent? Do You Believe In This?

You can never say I have achieved success and I am happy with what I have got. Your business needs various improvements with the time and changing them accordingly will keep you ahead in the competition. We always believe in change – by incorporating the change we grow in the business and this is how the business gains the desired limelight it wants. It generates good revenue and gain new customers as well. The impact of “Change” can literally bring in positive business growth to the company.

The Company’s Achievement So Far

Maxil Technology  Pvt. Ltd has reached its success, and it was some journey to cherish. Under my and Kal’s leadership, we have managed to bagged key accolades such as:

  • It topped by “Silicon India Magazine” in 2005
  • It ranked 3rd as the “Best place to work” 2006
  • It ranked 98 in the “Global Outsourcing 100” Fortune in 2006
  • It has won prestigious Alfred C Sloan Award for workplace excellence

With more to come, my book “Moments of Truth” will be hitting the stands in December this year. The journey to write this book has itself revealed the true self of mine- connecting with the inner peace- the God within us.  The book let me know my potentials and helped me in reaching with positivity. Writing this book has helped me personally and with that same thought I want to take it further to the people.


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March 11, 2015

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