AdWords Landing Page |SEO Friendly Landing Page For Google AdWords

July 04, 2018

AdWords Landing Page |SEO Friendly Landing Page For Google AdWords

Your Adwords landing page isn’t converting!! Sadly, this is not your customer’s fault. It’s your job to tell your customers why your product is awesome and you have fewer than a minute to convince. 

Your Google AdWords landing page act as a crucial chance to convince your customers to convert, to buy your product/services, fill out a form or download a resource. You need high-quality landing pages to optimize conversion rates, and highly relevant pages will also lower your conversion costs.

Designing and developing landing pages that speak directly to the viewers search query will have a positive impact on your Google AdWords account and, most importantly, drive more conversions. It’s worth it to devote major time and effort to optimizing your AdWords landing pages.

Adwords Landing page needs to be SEO friendly perhaps one of the best ways to increase the performance of your PPC campaigns and maximize your ROI. 


AdWords Landing Page


Learn What It Takes To Optimize Your AdWords Landing Page


Does Your Landing Page Matches With Your Google AdWords?

The best way to think of this relationship is that the ad is a promise and the landing page is the delivery of that promise. Having the same SEO keywords that drove the original search in the headline or header of the landing page can provide immediate assurance to visitors that they will find what they are looking for.

On the other hand, even the smallest disconnect between an ad and the landing page can disrupt the process, while costing money for clicks followed by quick bounces off the page.

Is Your Landing Page Mobile Optimized?

We are living in the age of smartphones where majority of your customers browse, read and search using their smartphones. It is important that the AdWords landing page designed are mobile responsive.

Mobile customers are high in number, they are the one who are quick to leave web pages when landing pages are difficult to read or has a complex navigation.

Create AdWords landing pages that are easy to use when they are viewed on hand-handled devices, this way you can deliver a positive experience that keeps mobile users moving through your lead conversion process.

Does Your AdWord Landing Page Has Pre-Populate Cursor?

Pre-populate cursor means that tiny cursor that prompts your customer/clients to fill the fields in the form present on the landing page.  It is a great way to reduce friction, and increase conversion rate. This might sound “big deal”, but, in all the tests many marketers have witnessed a slight difference has had a significant impact on conversion rates.

Does Your AdWord Landing Page Has A Social Proof

Building trust with first time visitors is an essential step in getting conversions, and one of the quickest ways to achieve it is to provide social proof from third parties. Social proof can be presented in the form of testimonials, case studies links, feed backs which act a trust builder. 

You can display list of names of your corporate clients and provide their testimonials on the Google Adword Landing Page. 

Your Google AdWords Landing Page Needs To Have USP

Your customers whether making an online or offline purchase are looking for transparency from you. Therefore, it is advisable to offer what they are looking for, all information easily accessible to them. Define your USP and ensure that your message in your ad as well as landing page are clear and aligned.

Using Long Tail Keywords In Your Landing Page

Long-tail keywords are the more specific words your audience is searching with to find you – and that’s great news.

Long-tail keywords are by their nature cheaper and less competitive because most people are so focused on the head keywords.With these best practices under your belt, your PPC landing pages will start performing at the levels you want.

Adding Explainer /Whiteboard Video To Your AdWords Landing Page

By including explainer or whiteboard video on your landing pages can be very powerful, especially if you’re trying to convey a complex idea without bogging your visitors down with reams of text.

Having a video is also an excellent way to reinforce your overall messaging and branding. Many marketers are still caught up in ways of thinking that are quickly becoming outdated, so having the courage to take bold steps can put you ahead of the competition.

Does It Have A Clear Call To Action 

Locate call to action buttons at decision points on the page. The default choice of placing the Call To Action button above the fold requires visitors to scroll up to find it. In these situations, having a CTA button at the conclusion of the text makes it easier to take the next step.

Locating the CTA above the fold is still the most popular choice, however, and works best when the information required for a decision can be kept above the fold as well.

Run A/B Testing For Your Landing Page

Split test different versions of your landing pages.

Also referred to as A/B testing, this process can help to define the landing page configurations that lead to the highest conversion ratios. For example, you could test how your content is converting by testing a new page where information is listed in a bullet format against an existing page that presents the same information in paragraphs.

Different versions of headlines, various CTA configurations and images/videos should also be tested to determine the combination of page elements that will lead to the highest number of conversions.

Audit Your Google AdWords / PPC account

Keeping a close watch on which keywords have a poor landing page experience can help you improve strategically. To do so, there are various online AdWords / PPC audit offering reports to help you with the keyword summary and quality score components.


Wrapping Up

SME Networks focuses on all development services connected with online campaigns, internet marketing support services, we also provide landing page development services. Our digital marketing team can produce high yielding landing pages for any kind of internet marketing campaigns.

We have dedicated development team to create suitable responsive landing page templates and designs suitable for your business. There are certain design criteria for development of a landing page for different types of business categories. Get in touch with us for your next landing page development requirements and we would be more than happy to give you the best of both worlds – affordable landing page development cost and awesome landing page that converts. 





July 04, 2018

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