About SME Joinup

SME Joinup is India’s largest Business Services Helpline for Small Businesses. It boasts of 1lac+ SMEs in its network who have interacted with SMEJOINUP for their service requirements.

The Helpline hosts 1000+Service Providers across 36 Services PAN India who are dedicated to service the Small Business Community










To be the preferred platform for Small Business to Request for a Business Service to find the perfect service provider for its requirements.


To ensure each Service Request by a Small Business is catered to by finding the perfect service provider and completion of transaction between them.

Who We Are

We are India’s Largest and Only Dedicated Business Services Helpline for Small Business.

One of the most promising aggregation of business service providers led by innovation, and backed by experience, committed to bring quality and low cost solutions to SMEs. SME Joinup has created a niche as biggest B2B marketplace offering comprehensive business solutions through its wide array of Business Services.

We are led by Founders who understand the Small Business Community for more than a decade.

We understand how important it is for a Small Business to find the Right Vendor for its Service requirements at the desired budget. The Business to Business relationship needs to be a trustworthy, dependable and long lasting one.

We have a team who understands the aspect of each Business Service just like a Service Provider would understand and yet speaks in the language of the Small Business.

So a business can Request for a Service through the Helpline and facilitating this request by SMEJOINUP is FREE of COST for them.

So how do we survive? How do we cover costs?

Since we understand the Business Services space deeply and have an extensive understanding of Marketing and Sales, we assist companies providing Business Services to market their services to their prospects. They can completely outsource their Marketing and Sales Function to us and can focus only on execution.

We Aspire

  • To be the preferred platform for Small Business to request for a Service
  • To ensure the perfect match for the request is found and transaction is completed
  • To become the Marketing and Sales arm for companies providing Business Services so that they focus on execution of the service with complete dedication to meet quality standards in the Service Industry

The Beginning

Journey from a B2B service provider company to India's largest Business Service Helpline for Small Businesses.

July 2016

New look!!

Launch of RYSRecharge Your Sales. Keeping pace with the innovation and demand in B2B industry for Marketing and Sales and to be able to acquire customers in the Services industry SME Joinup launched “Recharge Your Sales”.

This would create history in the B2B Services Industry with the end objective of quality delivery of services by companies.

If the marketing and sales is completely outsourced what else would the Service company do ? Deliver Services efficiently and qualitatively ...

February 2015

Explored new avenues!!

SME JOINUP launched the Business Services Helpline. for Small Business. This catered to all Business Services requirements of small businesses and find the relevant service provider for them.

Gave a complete understanding of Buy Business Services space and “Needs Analysis”

May 2014

Not just about profit margins!!

Launched “The Great Indian Small Business Festival” focused on “SME Get Online”. The initiative is to help service providers to reach out to various SMEs who are interested in enhancing their market presence in the online space. The categories incorporated were Digital Marketing, Mobile Presence, Online and Cloud Apps, Financial Services to name a few.

The Great Indian Small Business Festival continued with various themes…

  • HR, Learning & Development for SMEs
  • Technology Festival for SMEs
  • Media and Promotion for SMEs
  • Finance, Legal and Accounting
  • SME Get Online
  • Cloud Business Apps for Startups/SMEs
  • And so on….

Built expertise in multiple Business Services Space like Technology,HR,Media,Financial Services,Digital Marketing etc

September 2012

Fund Your Business

Launched smegetmoney.com to assist SMEs and Entrepreneurs to connect to Investors for Equity Funding. Built a network of 300+investors and closed couple of deals

VC Roundtable Series was initiated. Organized 30+ VC Roundtables across Pune,Mumbai,NCR,Kolkata.

Closed room event where filtered Startups could pitch one on one to Angel investors and VCs . The event started with “How to pitch” sessions to ensure pitching is productive and fruitful.

Built expertise in the Funding Space.

July 2010

SMEJoinup.com was founded

The portal SMEJoinup.com was founded in 2010 by Pooja Kumar and Vikas Kumar. Built around a culture that encourages dreaming big, working hard, and giving smart driven people the freedom to do what they do best. SME Joinup has grown from a startup to a successful B2B service provider company.

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