7 Ways Your Outsourced CFO Services Saves Your Time And Money

January 09, 2017

7 Ways Your Outsourced CFO Services Saves Your Time And Money

Financial prudence is a necessary evil in any business organization. In addition to being expensive to manage, it is also very time-consuming. Many a time small business owners find it challenging to focus on their core business aspects because they are busy in collecting payments from clients, making payments to vendors, managing other financial aspects of their business etc. Fortunately, by outsourcing the accounting needs of the business, the founders can regain their focus on the core elements of their business.

In today’s globally connected world where the customers are based out of another country, the developers are based out of a different location and most of the communication happens on platforms like slack or basecamp, the advantage is that work no longer needs to be kept within the four walls of an office. Key functions today can be performed remotely which benefits the small businesses.

Accounting is one such activity that can be outsourced to a virtual CFO Service providers and it continues to thrive. It’s not surprising that outsourcing accounting activities can have many advantages, below mentioned are few which will save the owners times and money.


  1. Benefits the bottom line of a company

It is expensive to hire in-house resources to manage financial aspects. It can be financially straining for small businesses to hire a full-time accounting staff or specialist. Hiring in-house employees also attract additional costs like insurance, taxes, provident fund, training cost etc. Additionally, there’s cost of office space, stationary, supplies etc. which is spent on the accounting team. An outsourced accounting service benefits from eliminating all such expenses and managing the supplemental complexities.

An outsourced accounting consultants services can be used as and when required with an access to all the accounting staff that a business requires. Such services can provide access to a bookkeeper, financial controller and a virtual CFO Service provider for the same price.


  1. Pay for what you use expert services

One of the major benefits of outsourcing accounting services is that there are no fixed costs involved. It allows the business to receive an increased return on investments. Moreover, the business owners get an access to a trained and experienced specialist in handling complex accounting challenges.

This also leads to a reduction in accounting errors, penalties, misappropriations and violation of compliance standards. Outsourced CFO services provide a business owner with access to the best accountants globally. Also, such services can be used and paid for as and when required. Whereas with an in-house resource either the business will end up with too much capacity, or worse, too little. Services with the accounting outsourced company can be ramped up as and when required.


  1. Focus on core objectives

Due to lack of resources, a small business owner has to keep multi-tasking which often distracts them from their core business objectives and goals. If professionals are outsourced few operational activities it allows the owner enough bandwidth to spend time on plan business and scale-up activities, meet and transact with more customers and keep a check on the business growth. All of these can be achieved at the same time when the business owner is rest assured about proper management of all financial activities of the business. Bu focusing on profit generating areas of their business, an owner can improve the bottom lines of his business.





  1. Effective and efficient

By outsourcing accounting practices, one doesn’t have to establish processes and procedures for the businesses. Timing and efficiency are vital to the success of any business. Especially with respect to managing financial aspects like taxation, there are various deadlines to be met and with an outsourced service provider, one is ensured that all deadlines are met effectively.

It also provides peace of mind to the business owner since timely returns filing helps in avoiding all legal and financial penalties for accounting delays. Usually, outsourced accounting companies have ready-made templates and frameworks that be customized to business requirements. Whereas on another hand, an in-house resource would need to build all such frameworks, process, and systems of managing financial accuracy.




  1. Availability of state of the art systems

Outsourced accounting service providers are equipped with good technology resources which can help them provide their services remotely and efficiently. Compared to the traditional system, this completely avoids managing paperwork and files. In fact, such systems are increasingly becoming sophisticated and it makes a financial sense to use such systems without investing in them from an outsourced service provider. Outsourcing accountancy reduces paperwork, possibility of late fees and has all data stored in one digital location.


  1. Access to reports and information

Outsourced CFO services provide a business owner with timely detailed reports which can be helpful to take quick business decisions. Such service providers do not have to be all or nothing. In various cases, they work even with in-house accounting and bookkeeping staff, where the regular data entry and payroll processing is controlled by in-house staff. In such cases, the outsourced CFO Service providers generate management reports, monthly closures and provide advisory services. Such collaborative approach has the potential to benefit all types of small businesses.


  1. Lower risk

Professional outsourcing ensures that accounts receivables and payables process and tracked to yield a steady flow of money for the company. Using such services eliminates the unpleasant task of collecting on client invoices. Also receiving valuable inputs and advice from outsourced CFO services for small businesses than from in-house resources will help the business in the long run and ensure growth. Such CFO’s provide strategic financial expertise and work closely with business owners on financial strategy and analysis. With the support of such CFOs founders can design initiatives to reduce costs and increase profits. Outsourced CFO services also support in recruiting and hiring process of the financial and accounting team by recommending candidates, participating in interviews and providing feedback on the final hiring decision.

As outlined a CFO services for small businesses include both day-to-day business operations, as well as long-term financial planning to ensure that the business owners company is set for a profitable future. As a result, there is a relatively small cost of outsourcing the financial operations. Outsourcing some of the financial needs of a business can be a very practical solution. An experienced and qualified CFO who understands dynamics of an owner managed the business, can provide financial advice and assistance the owner needs and focus on making the business more successful. And whenever the business owner decides to take the control in-house for all financial decisions, the outsourced CFO can train and smoothly pass along all the information to the internal team.

By seeking services of an outsourced accounting service provider, a business own can save time and money for the business. They benefit from the experience, accuracy, and expertise that an accounting expert can bring to the table. Virtual CFO services providers can generate reports required by business owners, create an in-house process to streamline the business and automate common tasks for better efficiency. A virtual CFO services for a small business apply its knowledge to grow a business’s financial strength.

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January 09, 2017

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