7 Mistakes To Avoid From Turning Your Corporate Videos Into A Corporate Disaster

October 15, 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid From Turning Your Corporate Videos Into A Corporate Disaster

For any small business entrepreneur the first priority will be to give maximum exposure to the business that not only increase the sales and revenue but also gives desired brand visibility in the market. Among various marketing mediums that small businesses adopt these day, making a corporate video/film is one of the most popular method to gain a viable visibility offline as well as online.

 There are higher possibility to gain maximum market share and awareness for the small businesses as people are more inclined to notice the video than reading a material. People tend to remember the products and services easily when it is virtually conveyed. It is said to be the most effective way to convey about your business and its products and services.

However, producing corporate videos that goes viral and your business booms is easier said than done. When trying to make corporate videos, the business owners/companies often forget the end game is not just earning money but it is all about the customers. It should at the very least engage in the target audience, while getting the key message across along with incorporating branding.

When searching on Google, you will find lots of tips, guidelines about you can create effective corporate videos, but very few will be enlightening you about the silly mistakes to avoid that will prevent corporate videos turning into a total disaster.

Here we take a look at 7 common mistakes to be avoided which will help you shape corporate videos into an inspiring, captivating advertising medium:

1.Not having the clear vision of making behind corporate videos

There needs to be a flow to the script that explains your company and/or what you have to offer. This seems obvious, but a lot of videos provide only disjointed company information and don’t have a clear intention.

You want to engage your audience right off the bat. Take them on a journey that shows the richness of your products and services and leaves them wanting more.

2.The importance of the script

he script, or the story, of a video is the gold. “Story?” you ask. “How can I tell a story in sixty seconds? Don’t people just want to see a bunch of flashy, cartoony images?” The answer is no.

Think of what grabs you right in the beginning of a video: It’s the promise that you’ll be taken on an informational journey involving something you can relate in an entertaining manner.

A big part of this can be achieved by developing the script from the core of what your product or company stands for, as opposed to stringing together buzzwords. The language should naturally unfold from the heart of the corporate video.Give a professional writer an outline of what you’re looking for and let her work her magic.

3.Too much information in the corporate videos makes it boring 

Cramming ten years of your company’s history into your video won’t cut it. It’ll likely be visually crowded and overwhelming.

A calculated rundown of your company’s history won’t get people hooked. What will do that is a story about the product or idea you’re presenting. So before you get down to work on your script, ask yourself what’s most relevant to the core of the story I want to tell?

Image source:propertyupdate.com.au

4.Making corporate videos too long

Haven’t you heard about “short and sweet” the same mantra applies here as well. On a good day, most people’s attention span for online videos is about 90 seconds. A thought out and well-paced visual story balance can get all of your points across in that time or less. Well rounded is better than longer.

Resist the temptation to keep extending the running time. Instead try re-focusing on boiling down the main elements that you want in your video. Try to engage your audience within 80 seconds.

5.Using amateur voice over will be a huge mistake for your corporate videos

Voice-overs can be pricey. Sound like a lot? Contemplating having your Aunt Mary take a crack at it? Think twice. A voice-over can make or break a video.

Voice-over artists are professional actors, trained in using their voice as a tool to sell your product. They know where to “punch” a point in the script to get your viewers’ attention but also where to soften up the mood to induce certain emotions, like trust. They also have state-of-the-art equipment that makes for a crisp and clear read.

The most commonly used and most effective type of voice-over is warm and conversational but professional at the same time. The ideal balance is making your viewers feel comfortable listening, while sounding credible and reliable.

6. Choosing music that is completely irrelevant

Music should be an accent to any video not something that takes the audience’s attention away from the visuals. It should enhance the subtle emotional beats that drive the story forward and support keeping the audience engaged.

 7. Too much animation or too less doesn’t make a good corporate video

The images seem to hang too long up against the voice over that’s relaying twice as much information. This is usually a budget issue, but better to wait until you have a bigger budget than not enough animation.

Get your corporate videos from expert service providers……

Corporate videos and films are the face of the brand in the digital times. It engages the viewers with content and builds trust at the same time. And that is only if it is done right.

With corporate film production taking up a stronger position as an effective communication medium along with the more traditional forms, better solutions are required to be implemented that yield better results. Think Creative can tailor-make high quality, content rich corporate videos and films with style and passion. With the aim being not just delivering the content but developing a style of delivery that is consistent with the brand image. As a corporate video production company, the services include all the might of our AV production division with back up from the motion graphics.

Their client list include names like Softit, HD Fire, Mahindra & Mahindra, Poddar Housing, Bayer, Star Bazaar, and Hershey’s.

Apart from Think Creative, there are other leading names such as Cliff Animation, Dream Foot, Noshe Oceanic are known for creating effective corporate videos and films for the clients of India.

These companies expertise lies in their team of multimedia professionals and technological mastery that creates and delivers quality products to various distributors and producers in India and abroad. Their products cover a vast area of applications and are already in the market.

With the proven track record of delivering exceptional results on time and on budget for the clients, these companies have emerged as the leading creative boutique in the country.





Image source: mysuccesslab.com


October 15, 2015

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