6 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Drastically Improve Efforts In 2017

February 24, 2017

6 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Drastically Improve Efforts In 2017

A decade back when social media marketing started making its foray as a preferred mode of communicating with customers, most people argued that it was only a fad which would lose its shine once the hype dies down. However, the trend has survived the initial backlash, and many marketers are still opting for innovative methods to get a better brand exposure and hence more traffic. 2016 was an impressive year for Social media.


New channels were incorporated; new changes implemented and social media marketing for business gave a clear idea of what is going to work and what would fall on the face. However, one aspect that has remained quite unchanged over the years is that Social media marketing is all about building a strong relationship with your targets. Continuing on the same here are some social media strategies that should bring a change to your marketing efforts in 2017.

1) Focus on live Video content

As per a survey done by Wyzowl.com in December 2016, 78% of the respondents interviewed, admitted to using Facebook live as one of the effective social media marketing strategies. Though this year Facebook live and Periscope have reached increased heights of user engagement in the upcoming year the focus would shift to Instagram and Twitter.They have also launched their own versions of live streaming in November and December 2016.However, it is imperative that you know what works best with your target audience. Following are ways in which you can form a bond with your customers.

  • Use live video for answering customer’s queries or product demonstrations.
  • Provide multiple videos in a series asking customers for their opinions on the same.
  • Facebook live bringing up many new features this year. This includes 360-degree capability which would give a grand view of a live event or a peek into what goes behind the creation of your product.


Funky Fairy was able to sell its overstock by advertising it in a live sale on Facebook   

  1. Messaging apps will call the shots

So if you are also of the opinion that messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Wechat are only for connecting with friend’s, it is time for a reality check. Used by nearly 4 billion users on a regular basis messaging apps are becoming the closest way to reach out to your customers and solve their problems and answer queries at one go. So far a quarter of all the apps downloaded by an average person is discarded after one or two uses except the messaging apps. An interesting point of contact this is also the most cost effective way to make things easier for customers. Mentioned below are ways in which you can use this form of online marketing for business better.

  • Share the history of your brand and make them engrossed.
  • Find out key customer insights by interacting with them directly.
  • Offer customer support in real time
  • Promote your products in line with any event that has been planned around the same time.



An example of how Sephora is trying to be friendly with its customer base


  1. Using social media marketing and e-commerce to generate sales

Even top social media companies have found last year that while facebook,Pinterest,twitter, and Instagram do give you the chance to explore and purchase products you like, Snapchat is also picking up. A research done has disclosed that nearly 56% of the respondents follow specific brands on social media just to get interesting insights on the new product launches. Amongst all Facebook is the most popular, with around 26% audience trusting it to make their purchase decisions. The following ideas come handy when devising a social media marketing strategy with this thought in mind.

  • Instead of just sharing product details reach out and tell the customers about latest industry trends or probably gift ideas which would make their work easier.
  • If focusing on a new product, a video demonstration can help people to get an idea of how to use the product better.



4.Competition in Mobile Advertising

As part of an effective social media marketing plan, it has been discovered that offers provided on mobiles are redeemed ten times more frequently than the ones received through regular emails. Though Facebook is the leader in getting the maximum ad revenues, almost 80 % of the same is achieved through mobile ads. However, Facebook has a tendency to show first posts from your friends and acquaintances. Therefore it is key that your advertising is catchy and compelling enough for them to consider it a priority. In the coming year, Snapchat and Instagram are also going to try and bid to get maximum customer engagement.

The key to success, however, would rely on finding which platform works best for your brand and use its innovative features to your advantage.

It is advisable to connect with the right service providers for you to be able to strategize your social media marketing plan effectively. Searching on the internet with the right information like “social media experts Pune” would lead you to find the most reliable and trustworthy ones.

5)Virtual reality to be explored

Though in its nascent stages Virtual reality will reach its full potential in this year. Video streaming is expected to rise to becoming almost 75% of the type of search engine marketing done this year. Most people pay utmost attention to the videos playing, and hence it can be used by marketers to provide an enriching experience. Virtual reality is set to make our interactions with people more intimate and close and same applies to brands too. Mentioned below are the ways in which you can use virtual reality to boost your social media marketing plans.

  • Revealing products features, functionality and attributes.
  • Provide a branded entertainment experience just before the launch of a new product or campaign.
  • Guide consumers in making better choice in selecting the product.
  • Inspire the consumers by showing them ways in which product fits their dream realization.

Hotel Marriott provided its customers a Teleporter service which would allow them to explore any hotel of the brand and the locales nearby.

6.Creating an engaging story

Apart from SEO marketing an engaging story or Ephemeral content is a trend which allows you to showcase your brand for a limited period. Started by Snapchat, the trend was slowly followed by Instagram which also incorporated a Story feature in the same. Even though it is not advisable to totally discard the use of marketing videos the ephemeral stories are a great way to introduce the customers to a quirky side of your brand. However, this year Snapchat has been quick to incorporate the stories feature which has led to its follower base increasing manifold. Instagram is backed by Facebook.

Hence its reach is higher and will ensure you get a higher ROI for your campaign. A slick interface and the ability to share these videos further will make Instagram the medium of social media marketing to watch out for.

A Popular yogurt brand 16 handles gave its followers a chance to win a 16-100% off coupon if they shared snaps of them having flavors of their brand on their Snap handle. 

Ever since its inception, Social Media marketing has been constantly evolving. However, one thing that is a surety is the fact that anything can happen. The exceeding usage of mobile has led to advertising on that platform becoming an important revenue source. However, the messaging apps and the virtual reality segments are showing a fast paced growth. This growth may make you feel hassled, but it is wise not to expect results too soon. Experimenting and exploring different modules before finalizing the right social media marketing strategy for your brand is the best way to achieve the perfect balance.




February 24, 2017

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