Expert Growth Hacks Tips For Your Next Content Marketing Campaign

September 20, 2017

Expert Growth Hacks Tips For Your Next Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing institute’s report of 2016 mentions that only 44% of marketers actually have clarity on the success of their content marketing campaign. With the advent of Social media, the internet, and email the world is becoming smaller day by day.

To expand the reach of your content marketing campaign apply below mentioned 6 effective growth hacks for quick success


1.Modify your content

You already have a lot of content that just needs to be restyled and presented to the consumer. Just get your old blogs converted into YouTube videos. Find out latest trends and prepare fresh info-graphics and presentations as that would attract the consumer towards the quality of content that you are offering.

The best part of doing this is that content marketers here, save money as there is no need to get fresh content created.  You also give a boost to growth plans of your content marketing campaigns and that too on the basis of your old already available content.

2.Test your Headlines

Your headline is the first thing that draws a reader’s attention towards your content marketing campaign. Headline testing using A/B method is the best way to analyse multiple variants of the same headline and find which one is more click bait.

You can use it to optimize the headline of any blog and compare the metrics in terms of shares, clicks and user engagements.

You have A/B testing tools which can be used to split traffic which reaches your website and offer them variations of the same kind of headline. Once the test is able to decide which headline is drawing more attention towards your content use it to increase the amount of time a customer would spend on your website. A key practice to increase readership and social interaction, use headline testing to get your content marketing campaign strategy rolling.

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Example of A/B testing- The ad that led to this page paired better with the first headline. Hence after A/B testing the first headline generated 115% better performance.

3. Social media promotion for your Content marketing campaign

As per a survey by, nearly 26.3% of the worldwide population has access to Facebook, and this figure is a whopping 72.4% only for North America reflecting the kind of influence it has. Use multiple social media groups to promote the content of your website. As part of your content marketing India plan, you can even create your own Social media profiles and provide interesting information to your customers through the same.

However; make sure not to let them feel that you are superimposing the product and its usability on them. The reference to the brand should be subtle enough to keep your customer engaged and stay on the page to know more. Hiring the services of social media content marketing campaign services can be the key to be able to achieve this.

4.Creative CTA’s and Content pop–ups

When you land up on any website, there should be some interesting content marketing methods for the customer to continue moving ahead.  Using creative yet compelling content Pop-ups provoke the customer’s thoughts, and he quickly converts into something concrete in the form of a sale.

Adding an Ebook for download or a video course on a service related to your field will make the customer want to stay with you and take advantage of your expertise. As part of your content marketing plan, you can even create a series of such offerings so that the customer after viewing one of them would come back again to view the next.

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5. Making your Content game oriented

If your product or service can be customized into something interesting, then gamify your content marketing funnel accordingly. Most people consider games as the way to relax and rewind after a stressful day in the workplace. Just modifying some of the word press plugins and adding patches, achievements, and scoreboards for them to be able to keep track of their progress.

In the meanwhile also insert some interesting titbits of information so that they can connect your brand with the games offered. With the video games expected to generate revenues to the tune of $108.7 billion in 2017, why should you be left behind in using it as part of your Content marketing campaign.

6. Rotate Social Media Posts

Supposing you have enough content to offer to your customer’s then do not hesitate to share these content marketing ideas. There is, however, a plethora of social media pages that would be most likely also publishing the same kind of information.

To gain an edge over them try to publish your posts at regular individuals and be innovative in their approach. Contrary to popular belief it is not going to harm your brand anytime you just have to be creative in the way you are going to circulate your content.

A customer likes to read and grasp the visually enticing content and use the different modes of content promotion available on various platforms to make them stay glued to your page. Contact a content marketing agency India to know how to balance the different modules available to you.

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Whether you are a small business still working out on how to practice content marketing for a start-up or a seasoned professional these simple growth hacks can act as a fuel for the same.  The benefits of a content marketing campaign to a business are multi fold, and the majority of them have slowly acknowledged the same.

Growth hacking, in other words, shows your content marketing campaign the trajectory path to moving towards quick success. If you find implementing these strategies difficult then contact any of the reputed content marketing companies to handle these needs for you. Apart from guiding you in the execution of the above, they will also let you know other content marketing services that they can practice to get maximum lead conversions for your product or service. It goes without saying that the right SEO content marketing firm would be instrumental in making it a successful proposition for you.



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September 20, 2017

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