5 Things To Consider While Choosing The Lead Generation Company

April 30, 2016

5 Things To Consider While Choosing The Lead Generation Company

Generating qualified business leads is important for every business and to do this task successfully, you have two options either you can do it yourself or can hire some other agency or a person to do it for you. Either ways the main aim is to reaching out to prospects to earn more business. When business is in nascent stage, every company faces difficult times.

During this stage, finding a lead generation company along keeping costs minimum is a key challenge. About 68 % companies report that they are struggling hard for generating qualified leads. If you are one of these companies, read this article carefully as it will help you to hire a right lead generation company.

Here are some points to consider, when comparing lead generation companies:

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The better you understand the lead generation company more successfully you can select the right one to your business. So, let’s know about each point in detail below. We hope this information will help you to find a right agency for your business within you limited budget.


  1. Ask about the delivery of results and quality of lead source

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There are different lead types and potential markets and a number of ways followed by the agencies to deliver the results in the form of quality leads. One key to select a lead generation company is that you ask some basic questions to understand how it will work.  So, ask the selected agency how it will ensure the delivery of results. If the agency gives you messy information and you fail to understand what exactly you are looking for, ask for the list of contact data and the technologies the agency is following to deliver the results. Also take a look of its existing clients and the campaigns running on daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Does it have its own contact lists? How many techniques does it use to generate leads? How many failed numbers it is reporting? Try to get the confirmed answers for all these questions to understand lead generation company better.


  1. What technology or ways the company follow to reach out the potential clients?


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Different companies use different tools and techniques for lead generation. Internet is the most used online marketing and lead generation tool because of its own advantages. But sometimes understanding the use of internet to generate leads can be tricky. So, when the selected company says it will do internet marketing for lead generation try to understand the ways it will follow to reach out the potential clients. Also, ask that how you can track the record of your online marketing campaign. By knowing which technique or advertisement strategy is bringing in the highest number of leads and which is doing nothing allows you to use your budget more efficiently in the future.


  1. Communication Acceptance

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When comparing the different lead generation companies, how do they communicate to address your queries is important factor to consider. How often the selected company can meet with you to discuss about the running campaigns? Is it open to take inputs and suggestions from you? Is it willing to give you flexibility to make changes in the campaigns, if it fails to deliver expected results initially? Is the company interested for long time partnership or just concerned about to do the one time project?  If you succeed to get the satisfactory answer for all these queries, it means you succeed to find the right lead generation partner for yourself.


  1. Understanding the Pricing Packages and Contract Terms and Conditions

 4rth pic

When it comes to budget, understanding the pricing packages with deliverables is the next important key to find a right lead generation company. Sometimes the pricing package offered by the lead generation company is too high. So, ask the questions what the company is offering for your money? If you feel satisfied with the answers and think it is worth for your money, ask about contract detail to get to know what are the main clauses? What you can do if you are not satisfied with the services?

  1. Ask For Credit or Return Policy

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Does the agency have a return policy in the case if it fails to deliver the desirable results? If you are not satisfied with its services or find any other issue like duplicate data or incorrect contacts etc.? What it will do if you caught something incorrect information on the company part? Does it guarantee to refund a portion of money that you have spent on incorrect contact data?

Apart from this information, also consider the below given points before partnering with a lead generation company:

  1. Does the company have experience in your industry?
  2. Is the company a certified for the technique you have selected for your company?
  3. Do you need to integrate additional resources to work this company?

By knowing the answers for all these questions you can succeed to establish a solid foundation of partnership with the lead generation company. To learn more about lead generation you can read SME Joinup blog on regularly. It can be a great help desk to enhance your knowledge and know about the top agencies which can help to grow your business by generating high number of B2B sales leads.


For small businesses, it’s difficult to have full-time in-house staff for lead generation. So you may think of hiring a company to take outside help. If you succeed to find a right lead generation company, it can help to achieve real business goals easily.

Most of the lead generation companies are filled with the experts who are experts in every subject matter related to the lead generation. They work with your internal marketing team and increase lead flow.

They create online promotion and blogs strategy to reach your potential prospects through organic online searches. Overall the idea of outsourcing will save your time, resources and you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Where Do You Find the Best Lead Generation Company for Outsourcing?


 sme joinup logo

When it comes to finding the best B2B lead generation company, SME Joinup is the right place for you. Instead of looking for new companies, from unknown sources, choose any of among the lead generation companies listed at SME Joinup as they all are verified for proficient and reputable performance and bringing in high number of B2B sales leads. Especially, Lead Squared, Mark and Make, Juvlon and Variform are significant leaders in the lead generation industry and help small businesses to improve their reach and revenue in a limited budget. All these companies are known for

  1. Converting online web traffic into leads
  2. Measuring the evolving lead quality
  3. Developing new raw inquiries and convert them into sales-ready leads
  4. Running personalized and most relevant lead nurturing campaigns


Know More about These Companies

Are you confused which company is suitable for you? Check out below mentioned leaders who are already verified by SME Joinup for best services and repute:

Mark and Make

mark n make

Mark and Media adds value to you company by offering a plethora of branding and marketing services. It has experts team who has great hold on advertising, designing, packaging, SEO, SMO and many others techniques of business lead generation. With the help of this company you can create an unforgettable image in business leads minds.

[aw2_module slug=’external-buttons’ name=’Mark & Make’ website=’http://www.markandmake.in’ /]


Lead Squared

lead squared

Another company that has a proven track record in generating high number of leads is Lead Squared. You can think of hiring this to generate more number of qualified leads and making more clients for good ROI. It uses lead management CRM software to capture leads from all the related sources like phone, website, chat and all others. Its software can be integrated easily to the existing system of your company.

[aw2_module slug=’external-buttons’ name=’Leadsquared’ website=’http://www.Leadsquared.com’ /]

What Type of Additional Help You Receive From SME JoinUp?

From brand promotion to business process consulting or outsourcing, digital marketing to e-commerce, HR and Payroll to IT infrastructure or cloud infrastructure, Legal Services Leasing to raise funds, you will find a plethora of information and companies detail at SME Joinup. You will also find a number of vendors who offer lead generation services across B2B segment.


For more information about any particular company, or any other consultation about business services, call now on 07838006101 or email at request@smejoinup.com


image source: www.mobilecastmedia.com

April 30, 2016

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