10 Important Tips for B2B Marketing Success for Small Businesses in India

March 10, 2016

10 Important Tips for B2B Marketing Success for Small Businesses in India

Many SMEs wish to get more number of leads through their online marketing campaigns – but, sadly, most of them fail to do so and thus look for some other tactics that results more number of leads especially through their business website and social pages.

b2b marketing success for small business

Lead generation through effective B2B marketing is very important to stay competitive in the market. If you are not able to getting business leads through your marketing efforts, it means it will become problematic for your business as no revenue will come sooner or later.

You may be familiar about how difficult it has been to market your services and products by using available sources smartly. The problems are growing more fasters for those who have a small size business in the B2B space like SME Joinup. How can you get your business into the discussion so that your customer starts trusting and referring to others for brand-relationship building? An effective B2B marketing plan can help small businesses to survive in India.


SME Joinup, as a leading B2B marketplace in India believes that B2B marketing is not just about following the certain techniques but it is a blend of different practices that can help to convert prospects in to sales leads. The list of B2B marketing tips is exhaustive, but here are some basic tips which help SMEs to reach prospects and build long lasting relationships with high conversions to ensure success for small business in India.

Tip1: Be User Friendly

Whether you are in B2B or B2C segment, you should have a user-friendly website design with beautiful and responsive features to become a focus for more visitors. For a visitor, nothing can be more frustrating than opening a website which is difficult to navigate.

He/she become frustrated easily and leaves the website within next few seconds. So, whenever you think of making a website of your business, make it user-friendly and keep it simple as much as possible. Also, consider its usability and target audience in the mind and select intuitive and simple design to increase in your ROI with high number of visitors.

Tip 2: Turn out to be Mobile Friendly As It Is Necessity

All businesses should create their websites with target audience easiness in mind. As per Google update, if a website is not mobile – friendly, it will not come in search. It means choosing a mobile – friendly design is no more an option but it’s a need so that you can grab maximum lead generating opportunities easily. Create a professional, mobile friendly website to tap new customers with wide reach to build a great business.

Tip 3: Growing Influence through Social Way

Social media is a great way in driving brand recognition and customers’ engagement. You cannot ignore the platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others role in B2B marketing. However while using these platforms, you need to follow some smart tactics, so that you can generate more interest in prospects and turn them into a business lead to add in ROI.

So follow a systematic approach by setting goals, defining target audiences, planning and execution of your overall plan to ensure effective B2B marketing. For building a strong social profile you need to create a focused online marketing strategy to target potential audience. According to online studies:

  • 92% B2b marketers use LinkedIn networking power to distribute content and get noticed in the industry.
  • 80% of US social network users prefer Facebook to connect with brands.

Tip 4: Make Your Social Profile and Contact Detail Famous

Your contact detail is no longer just a number added along address on your website. Your social existence is now a very important part of your branding and promotional activities. So, highlight about your social pages and contact detail along every blog and any other shared posts, consequently prospects find easy to interact with you after finding on social media.

Social sharing icons should be easy to find on your business website home page and blog posts. Also, track leads by using phone call tracking as it help you to combine data of prospects who could be your future clients.

Tip 5: Make Contact Form on Every Page of Your website

Like SME Joinup, if you use a contact form in every page, it will help you to get better conversions.  Make contact form very simple and easy to find with every website page as it make you easy to reach prospects. In addition, the contacts generated through this form can help you to strengthen your email marketing campaigns especially when announcement of business events, new services, offers and any other information is done from your side. Also combine the contact information and analyze it to make marketing strategy and determine where to spend your money to get more number of leads.


smejoinup website

Tip 6: Follow Clever Strategy to Nurture Leads through Business Blog

Blogging is powerful way of reaching out more number of prospects on various channels where you share your business blog. If you craft new and high quality content in the form of your business blog, it make easier to find your business through search engines. Prospects will like or follow you on social networks to read your blogs and it can help you nurture leads and build long lasting relationships with the customers. Write benefit-oriented content so that prospects love to read your blogs regularly and writes back for experts advice for any help and suggestion.

To figure out more about business blogging, read “How Does Business Blogging Help You Boost Traffic and Generate Sales? If you cannot write blogs yourself, hire writers who know your product and services very well.


Tip 7: Redirecting Prospects through Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing are effective medium to catch the prospects. Like SME join up, you could send newsletters with the information of new addition of services, clients and offers to stay connected with your qualified business leads. Even though you can select the vendors like Mark and Make, Lead Squared, Juvlon, and Variform etc. for bulk promotional SMS and Email Marketing solutions.

All these are “Top Sales Zoomers” associated with SME Join up and known for the delivery of cost effective Email and SMS marketing services. Click “4 compelling reasons why E-mail marketing and SMS marketing are important for small businessto know more about Email and SMS marketing benefits.  

This is one of the most read articles on SME Joinup that helps SMEs to figure out the importance of Email and SMS marketing.

Tip 8: Must Show Your Industrial Partnerships and Info about Your Premium Clients

If you show off your industrial partnerships with some of the renowned clients along highlighting about their services, it will help to develop trust and potential by showing prospects that they can get different services from a well-known companies or brands by just partnering with you. If you are a marketplace like SME Join Up, show off your vendors with highlighted services! Visit SME Join Up to find out TOP SALES ZOOMERS, TOP COST CUTTERS and TOP PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTERS.

Tip 9: Consider Inbound Marketing Concept

Some of the above shared tips are the part of inbound marketing tactic. According to a study about 93% businesses are using inbound marketing to ensure maximum return on investments. HubSpot defines inbound marketing, it is a process that attracts, engages, converts and delights the customers through Google and social media where you share your blogs, offers, services and business partnerships to increase online visibility and customers’ engagement.


Tip 10: Paid Business Leads 

Paid advertising is the easiest way to reaching out potential buyers by spending some cash with very little efforts. However, it does not value more if you are following the above mentioned tactics prior to buying paid business leads. Additionally, if you employ the previously shared tactics, you can educate your prospects about your business through pictures, infogaphics, and videos and through any other elements for building a long lasting relation.


So you can see that how these tips can help you to make a successful B2B marketing plan for your business.  However numerous practices will work together in order to generate business leads and effective results. You can consider these tips to revamp your old ideas to make effective B2B marketing plans.

In a time when SME Joinup is growing fast in B2B space as a marketer, you can register on it by filling the attached form to get more number of B2B customers to your business website too.

You can also contact on 07838006101, 8800225467 or forward your query at request@smejoinup.com to know more! Also, click on “Get New Offers” for latest offers of SME Join Up!


Sources: www.yourfutureaccelerated.com,networkmarketing.com,www.dynamicwebusa.com



March 10, 2016

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