10 ERP Outsourcing Vendors in India For Small Business

September 28, 2016

10 ERP Outsourcing Vendors in India For Small Business

ERP systems are designed to provide rich overviews of the applications running on an organization’s computer networks. Besides being able to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, ERP systems can integrate business departments by tracking workflow, identifying duplication, and ensuring data integrity.

ERP software can save organizations money by:

  • Automating certain employee job functions
  • Eliminating single-purpose software
  • Securing all company data in one place
  • Creating a single analytics or reporting location
  • Making it easier to accurately track inventory and sales
  • Speeding collaboration between employees in different departments

Selecting the Right ERP Software

Selecting the right product and the right vendor hinges on intimately understanding your organization’s needs and appropriately evaluating competing systems side by side.

Here are important tips to keep in mind while making a determined decision:

  • Why exactly are you interested in an ERP system? What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Measuring ROI
  1. You might measure ERP performance by:
  2. Reduce headcount by X% in Y(months)
  3. Increases employee productivity by X% in Y(months)
  4. Reduce inventory by X% that results in Y accounting improvement
  5. Increase customer touches by X times that increases lifetime value by Y(amount)
  6. Improve accuracy of manufacturing cost quotes by X% in Y(months)
  • Cloud Considerations
  • Checking references
  • Getting the real price
  • Gauge vendor viability

Selecting the right ERP service provider that align with your current organization needs and goals, is essential to maximizing the full benefits of cloud computing.

For more background information to help with selecting the right ERP service provider for your business needs, read below:

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1. Point Perfect Technology Solutions  Point Perfect Technology – TamilNadu

Point Perfect Technology Solutions founded in the year 2009, is one of the leaders in global market for web design and application development. The company has proven track records in implementing most cost effective solutions for customer service and client satisfaction. With majority of repeated clients, the company implements different strategically planned business solutions for clients to be competent on the current dynamic global business market.

Their specialties are: software product development, open source technologies, web apps, mobile app development.

Point Perfect Technologies specializes in:

ERP System (Odoo)

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Smoothly run your business

  • Project Management
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchase

Improve your business productivity

  • BI
  • API
  • Instant Messaging
  • Notes

Boost productivity

  • Event
  • Live Chat
  • Survey
  • Lead Automation

CRM on Cloud solutions:

  • Point Perfect Technology’s efficient CRM on cloud builds an everlasting customer relationship.
  • The CRM on Cloud holds all your customer information, automates communication and keep your customer up-to-date and empower your sale process such as inventory status, estimated cost and delivery time, risk status, habits and special demands.

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2. Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd    Sage Software Solutions – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru

Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd founded in the year 1981,  is a distributor of The Sage Group plc, a leading international supplier of business management software solutions and related products and services for small to mid-sized businesses. Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd has over 1000 customers in India for its CRM, ERP, Payroll and HRMS products across industries like, Trading and Distribution, Manufacturing, Services, IT/ITES, Financial Services, Media, Travel & Hospitality and Engineering Services & Projects.

Their specialties are: CRM on cloud, CRM systems, Payroll solutions, ERP, Enterprise solutions

Meet the core team of Sage Software

  • Shiv Kumar is a Assistant VP at Sage Software. ERP systems are designed to provide rich overviews of the applications running on an organization’s computer networks. Besides being able to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, ERP systems can integrate business departments by tracking workflow, identifying duplication, and ensuring data integrity.
  • Vignesh M is a Sales Head at Sage Software. Vignesh is a experienced Sales Professional with an expertise in HCM software – Pocket HCM designed specially for India Region. Have been handling the HCM Software sales and distribution for end to end HR process management.

Sage Software Solutions specializes in:

ERP Software (ERP 300)

  • With advanced business intelligence, smart accounting software and other tools for business process improvement, Sage 300 works excellently to streamline business processes and provides businesses with actionable insights to help them stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Sage 300 is fully scalable and customizable designed to cater specific enterprise management needs of SMEs making it one of the leading ERP solutions for mid-sized business in India.
  • Consistent business process improvement is one of the core objectives for long-term success and Sage 300 ERP software for SME helps achieve that seamlessly.
  • With advanced accounting solution for business and intelligent reporting at your fingertips, Sage 300 gives your business the much-needed edge over your competitors. Boost productivity and success with insightful and visually intuitive (via graphs, charts, per se) analytics and reports.  

 ERP Systems

  • Sage X3 helps streamline all the business processes from procurement to final product on one platform. View all the critical data from anywhere and from any device and have the flexibility of taking decisions from anywhere. 
  • Accounting simplified! Improve productivity and get rid of finance related redundancies with the best accounting software in India available with Sage X3. Be it tedious cash management or accounting and financial reporting, Sage X3 addresses all your finance and account related operations in a smart and quick way.
  • With advanced business intelligence reporting at your fingertips, Sage X3 makes it a lot easier for business managers and CXOs to make informed business decisions and plan strategies for increasing productivity and sales.
  • With quick and accurate inventory tracking, Sage X3 is the perfect ERP solution for manufacturing companies, retailers, start-ups, SMEs, etc. Track inventory against orders, pricing, invoice, etc. at the click of a button.
  • Sage X3 is intelligently designed to address the diverse enterprise resource planning needs of manufacturing companies. It speeds up critical manufacturing processes like managing cost of manufacturing, material billing, production analysis, quality control tracking, etc. making it a leading industrial manufacturing ERP software in India.

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3.  TechHighway Systems Pvt. Ltd.   Techhighway Systems – Pune, Nashik


TechHighway is an offshore services company striving to become “First choice partner” for its global clients. They have experience in outsourced product development, customized software development, Software testing in varied industry segments and technologies. Depth of experience in software development, maintenance and testing allow us to implement cost effective solution.



Meet the core team of Techhighway Systems

  • Dipali Bendre is a Director of Techhighway Systems.
  • Abhijit Solunke is a Marketing manager at Techhighway Systems. He is responsible for handling technical team, co-ordination between client and technical team, client handling, participate in market research and/or online marketing as required. Business Development and Finding new potential clients for the Techhighway Systems Pvt Ltd.

Techhighway Systems specializes in:

  •  Odoo Services (ERP Implementations)

They will deploy Odoo for you and configure it to suit your needs. They  will suggest best practices and best way to use ERP to make your day to day operations faster and efficient

  • Next Generation ERP Software
  • 100% Open Source, affordable, value for money
  • All your applications in one single solution
  • Modular structure allows to adapt to business needs
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Very useful search across the screen facility
  • Response time is faster
  • Very flexible design, so customization can be done to suit your needs
  • Installation of new modules is easy

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 4. dialyma  Dialyma IT Solutions- Haryana

D-ályma is engaged in the business of providing IT services viz : 1. End to End Project Management 2. Consultancy Services 3. Web Development & Services (SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and branding) 4. Web & Mobile Apps (ERP, Android, iOS, Ecommerce, Mcommerce, FaceBook etc.) 5. Product Engineering services They offer a gamut of services with a proven success track record. At D-ályma, they strive to offer the best of the breed solutions to all your IT needs and their clients have come to us for the trust built over time.

Their expertise are: Consulting, Web based products and services, Ecommerce solutions, Mobile Apps, ERP/CRM, Product Engineering Services


Meet the expert behind Dialyma IT Solutions

  • Rishi Pujara is a Founder of Dalyma IT Solutions. He is a seasoned technocrat, working on technologies creating new products, writing software since I was 16 years old. Started D-ályma IT Solutions with a belief that there is always room for growth in any business no matter which stage of technology or automation.

Dalyma IT Solutions specializes in services like:

D-ályma being one of the best ERP software company basically relies on the openERP application to provide you the most stunning interfaces.

  • Their team of experts consists of a great deal of an extensive network in the software industry cosmos, making us the seamless source for inspiration and information.
  • They expertise in the various filed of odoo development such as ERP and CRM, cloud computing, ETL and data warehouse, business intelligence, web development and many more.

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5. Treacy Scot   iApps Infotech – Pune


iApps Infotech is dedicated to assisting you with all your IT-related needs.  We have potential to step up the business by implementing effective solution which is required for any organisation to simplify and manage work which helps to save time and increase efficiency. They are official ZOHO partners and responsible for sales and marketing of Zoho products in central India. They also undertake AMCs to provide support and maintenance post implementation.

They specialize in application development for server-side, iOS and Android, web development, website designing & maintenance.


Meet the core team of iApp Infotech

  • Treacy Scot is a Co-founder at iApp Infotech
  • Nilesh Kolkar is a Consulting Director at iApp Infotech. He basically looks after Development and Enterprise Expansion, also responsible for B2B partnerships and designing Strategies for various services

iApp Infotech specializes in:

ERP Implementation

  • Development and Enterprise Expansion, also responsible for B2B partnerships and designing Strategies for various services.
  • Optimization of measurable benefits
  • Integration between the core ERP system and processes, systems and stakeholders
  • Functional and technical development and support
  • Customized ERP workshops
  • Project recovery support
  • Risk management and mitigation planning activities

Apart from ERP implementation iApp Infotech offers:

  • Mobile app development
  • Website designing
  • Web application development
  • Customized software development 


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6. EAZY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS     Eazy Business Solutions – Gurgaon

Founded in the year 2007, EBS is India’s leading software development company engaged in designing and developing Tally Integrated, customized Enterprise Software Solutions for specific business process requirements. Following their Vision of helping SME’s reach optimum operational efficiencies & realize their true business potentials, they have been rigorously serving to a wide range of industrial sectors across India, viz. Manufacturing, Real-Estate and Infrastructure.

Their extensive resource bucket includes powerful enterprise software solutions ranging from Tally Integrated ERP, Real-Estate/Construction, CRM, Fixed Assets, HR & Payroll management solutions.


Meet the core team

  • Raj Pathak is a Brand advisor at Easy Business Solutions. He is into Promoting Entrepreneurship through Media platforms has been my passion since years.
  • Kunal Singhal is a Technopreneur & Speaker at Easy Business Solutions.  Chartered Accountant by education and a technologist and core developer by passion.
  • Chiranjita Baruah is Business Development with Easy Business Solutions.

Easy Business Solutions specializes in :


  • To enable the organizations function with improved productivity and efficiency.
  • To simplify customer experience altogether and provide expertise at ease.
  • Automate Workflow
  • Implement result oriented processes
  • Customer focused application strategy
  • Developed and customized as per user specific requirements
  • Optimizes your business insight and achieve operational excellence.
  • Automate Workflow
  • Implement result oriented processes
  • Customer focused application strategy
  • Developed and customized as per user specific requirements
  • Optimizes your business insight and achieve operational excellence


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7. Technicious    Technicious – Kolhapur

Founded in the year 2015,  Technicious is a Lean, Dynamic & Agile System Integrator & IT Consultancy Organization. They believe in accessibility of Technology for all and strive hard to deliver value oriented Software product & services to business of all sizes.                                                                                                                                

Their specialties are: Application Development & Maintanence, Cloud based Web Apps Development, Django CMS & MVC, Python, Java Development, PHP, Asp.net, Customer ERP , Ecommerce, Opencart Development, CMS(Drupal, Joomla), UI Dev- Bootstrap, HTML5, Angular JS, Mobile App Development.


Meet the core team of Technicious

  • Sabareesan Sankaran is CEO and Co-founder of Technicious. He is a senior Consultant with 14+ years of experience and strong expertise in IT and Telecom Domain. He has managed and delivered E2E Transformation solutions for major Telcos in Europe, India and North America. His key participation and contribution in proactive RFP and establishing roadmaps for rationalization and Transformation. Recieved TechMahindra ACER 2016 awards
  • Amar Kanshetti is a Business Analyst at Technicious. With exceptional record of delivering cost effective, high performance technology solutions to meet challenging business demands. Extensive qualifications in all facets of information systems methodology from conceptual design through documentation, implementation, user training, quality review, and enhancement. 


Technicious specializes in services like:

ERP Implementation

Technicious can supplement your project team in each of the following areas.

  • ERP Project Management
  • ERP Change Management
  • ERP Testing
  • ERP Validation
  • ERP Data Management

Mobile application development


  • Niche technical pool of developers well equipped with latest skill sets to develop apps in IOS and Android.
  • They also specialize in mobile based responsive portals.
  • Their App development practice is not just limited to creating fancy UI’s and ease of navigation but also equally focused on secure data storage and retrieval mechanism by using the right encryption methodologies.
  • They also specialize in integrating the App with on premise data base or cloud based Database and we provide mobile app testing services with all our development packages to ensure client’s need of goto market is very well taken care of.

Web application development

  • Simplify Technology aspects for our clients and delivery faster business value.
  • Development team comprises of experienced resources with skill-sets of asp.net, php, Java & Python which empowers us with the capability of evaluating various platforms and open source applications in the market to recommend the best to your clients.
  • They deliver on the basis of need based strategy using either waterfall or agile delivery practices. We can create web applications architecture as per the customer requirements.

8. Labh Software – Mumbai

The company was established in  the year 2002 with an elucidated vision. The Company is headed by an experienced Director and supported by a team of distinguished & committed members, who command a vast academic and professional experience.  Labh Software Pvt. Ltd. is a Five Star Tally Partner of Tally (India) Pvt. Ltd. since 13 years and has attained the certificate of being Tally Service Centre. Serving more than 5000+ customers in the areas of Tally related services, has created a Benchmark in proving its ability at every aspect be it Sales or Services.


Meet the core team of Labh Software:

  • Paras Batavia is Managing Director at Labh Software
  • Darshana Vanmali Sales Head at Labh Software
  • Mahesh Talsania is Channel Head at Labh Software
  • Brij Mathew is a Sales & Service Head at Labh Software

Labh Software specializes in:

Tally.ERP 9

  • The product is designed to assist you to transform your practice and streamline your clients’ businesses. working in conjunction with Tally.ERP 9 installed at your clients’ offices
  • This unrivalled product can increase audit effectiveness, reduce time and effort, increase opportunity by adding new services to your portfolio, and more.
  • The new remote capability to access clients data from wherever you are – say directly from your office, and even offer value-added services like continuous compliance

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9. Focus Softnet   Focus Softnet – Hyderabad

Established in 1992, Focus Softnet has a rich history of innovation, expansion and growth. Right from its first product (version), the emphasis was always on continuous R&D and team work to ensure the products developed are feature-rich and are based on state-of-the-art technologies. With business associates across the globe, partnering with respected organizations, which help leverage optimal performance and technical standards, today Focus Softnet has evolved into a true multinational organization with 25 offices across 15 countries.

Meet their core team of Focus Softnet

  • Ali Hyder is a CEO at Focus Softnet. He has 20+ years experience in managing administration, marketing, sales and services of Focus ERP applications in almost every known industry vertical.
  • Alikanti Kumar is a Business Development at Focus Softnet. He possess in-depth exposure and knowledge to the entire spectrum of planning and implementing integrated sales management solutions including business development strategies, product development and client relationship management in IT Industry.
  • KrishnaKumari D. is a Business Development coordinator. Collaborates with Product Managers, and Development to identify document future requirements and translate them into functional specifications. Refines requirements with industry standard analysis techniques such as data flow modeling, workflow diagrams, and functional decomposition analysis. Compares business requirements to delivery system to ensure all requirements are met and function as designed.
  • Ishwari Bakal is ERP consultant at Focus Softnet

Focus Softnet specializes in:

ERP Implementation & Solutions

With the linking of your existing ERP solution to smaller applications across locations or branches, a full-fledged integrated system can be achieved at a considerably reduced cost

  • Nearly two decades of experience
  • Multi Domain Expertise
  • Flexible methodologies in tune with customer processes
  • Significant focus on SLA’s leading to continuous improvement in efficiency
  • Best practices that ensure optimal integration, stability, and performance
  • A custom-developed interface that meets your specific business needs and supports your business objectives

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10.  vStacks Infotech- Noida

Founded in 2014, they offer a variety of cloud based services hosted on our very own, state of the art – Data Centre, in Florida USA. vStacks Infotech is a professional software development and service provider company, offering high-quality solutions to businesses.

Meet the core team of vStacks Infotech

  • Irfan Kazmi is a General Manager at vStacks Infotech. Managed complete start up operations of the company. Currently handling the overall company operations on behalf of the Director’s of the company.
  • Danbir Roy is a Marketing executive at vStacks Infotech.
  • Rahul Rai is a Digital Marketing strategist at vStacks Infotech. He is pro at devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company website. Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to the website. Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns. Utilising a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC. Overseeing the social media strategy for the company. Managing online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness.

vStacks Infotech specializes in:


eZnetERP from vStacks Infotech incorporates all features of a business operation including manufacturing, inventory control, product planning, sales and marketing, distribution, finance, HR and accounting. They can also offer customised solutions for the industry the ERP has to be set up in.
  • Clutter free and efficient solution to manage your employee files through Employee Management Module
  • Automated tracking of employee Attendance and absence through Leave Management Module.
  • Automated recording of employee shift timings and at attendance through Time & Attendance
  • Tracking of employee attendance and leave through Payroll Management System
  • mployee loan policies and their entitlements through Loans and Advance Management Module
  • Control of company assets through Asset Management Module.
  • Tracking and scheduling of employee training through Employee Training Module.

SME Networks have shortlisted “ERP Implementation & Software (SAAS/System) Outsourcing Companies” as a reference; as they found to be employing well- qualified professionals and these companies comes equipped with top preference.

The details provided will only be used to update you regularly with details of our services.


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September 28, 2016

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