​Top 5 Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services For Small Businesses in India

November 27, 2015

​Top 5 Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services For Small Businesses in India

Precise and current financial information can be an effective resource for developing businesses. Having accurate financial accounting information allows business owners to be able to obtain resources, grow profitability and make better strategic decisions.

“In this age of electronic money, investors are no longer seduced by a financial ‘dance of a thousand veils.’ Only hard and accurate information on reserves, current accounts, and monetary and fiscal conditions will keep capital from fleeing precipitously at the first sign of trouble.”- Larry Summers

Financial accounting and bookkeeping services can bring business owners a competitive advantage, the process of collecting, compiling, and conveying financial information can be a major strain on the company’s resources.

It is more and beyond just few basic accounting calculation of business

If you are spending too much of your time managing financial accounting processes or find your organization isn’t getting the value it should from financial information, maybe you should consider working with a financial accounting and bookkeeping firm that specializes in outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services.

Entrepreneurs who hire accounting and bookkeeping help usually discover they weren’t doing nearly as well on their own as they thought they were.

Organizations, these days, not only look for cost-effective solutions to systematically run non-core activities like accounting and payroll services, but also expect to add value in order to achieve better control and understanding of cash flow and thereby make informed decisions.

How small businesses of India can benefit from hiring financial accounting and bookkeeping services?



How to hire best financial accounting and bookkeeping services?

By this time, you might already be convinced that outsourcing accounting services to a third party provider can elevate your business performance. Here then are some qualities to look for the best and top quality accounting outsourcing companies:

  1. Industry Experience and Certified Staff. Make sure you are hiring an accounting and payroll agency with expertise and specialized knowledge of your industry. Keep in mind that some of your functions may be unique only to your sector and when an inexperienced accounting services will be asked to perform would take longer to accomplish at low quality standard. Your accounting services provider can only provide what you want if they have trained and certified bookkeepers or accountants.
  2. Cloud or Web-Based Service Architecture. Find an accounting agency that can provide you with immediate access to your own financial data anytime, anywhere using any devices. Remove from your shortlist the offshoring firm that does not offer this capability because you never can be sure what else they’re incapable of doing to perform for modern businesses like yours.
  3. Metrics for Quality Assurance. The main reason you are hiring a third party accounting outsourcing agency is that they offer core functions that you lack. Take for example staying current on best practices in finance, accounting and payroll or the most recent tax law and regulatory changes. Look for an agency that can fill the gap for your financial and payroll accounting needs.


The best way to save yourself from the headache of financial accounting and bookkeeping services is by hiring a suitable, knowledgeable Financial accounting and Bookkeeping service provider.

For financial accounting and bookkeeping services for your business, here are top 5 recommended vendors from SME Joinup.

Choose from the below mentioned suiting your location as well as cost competitiveness, as we believe to offer you what is best for you:

 Radisson Consulting – Financial accounting and bookkeeping services from Mumbai

Radisson Consulting is promoted by eminent professionals with proven track record of consistent performance under the leadership of Mr. Sunil M Sharma, Former CEO of BDO Consulting and Haribhakti & Co in India providing premium services in Tax, Regulatory, Assurance, Corporate Finance and Real Estate Advisory.

Apart from accounting services, the Firm’s operations focuses on consulting disciplines and compliance services which it deploys to assist its clients in developing and expanding their businesses. These include:

  • Assurance and attestation  Services
  • Corporate tax (Direct and indirect) advisory
  • Corporate finance and other allied  disciplines
  • Real Estate Advisory Services

You can view, Mr. Sunil Sharma’s insights through this video .

SME Joinup has worked with Radisson Consulting and believes that it brings  together a highly qualified team from various fields to collectively provide services for your company. Radisson provide outsourcing financial services based on the individual needs of every client including Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoice Processing, Payroll, Accounts Reconciliation and Compliance Services.


The Backspace The Back Space – Accounting service provider from Mumbai

The Back Space  founded on the principal of assisting Startups and Small & Medium Enterprises with their non-core business functions. The services help reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. It provides customized solutions which are designed out of a deep industry-based knowledge and support the entire business processes of each and every client. It is a professionally managed firm where the services help you focus on your goals. The mission is to remove day-to-day operational and administrative challenges which entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises face.

For more news and latest updates from The Back Space, Click here.

Other than accounting and bookkeeping services, The Back Space offers:

  • Incorporation of company
  • Compliance
  • Corporate advisory
  • Company secretarial services

The Back Space client list includes names like:


The reason why SME Joinup recommends The Back Space is because it has vast experience in providing assurance, taxation and advisory services to Indian and Overseas entities. It has a dedicated team for each assignment which include 2 partners, one for execution and one for quality and review purposes. And all services under one roof giving a 360 degree view for any advice given.

Finsmart- Accounting service provider from Pune

Finsmart Solutions is a one stop solution for all your accounting and payroll needs. We are one of the leading organizations that provide high quality Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. Since the time we started off in 2007, we have grown considerably with an excellent track record of providing professional accounting and payroll services to our clients.

Finsmart Solutions offers a wide range of services apart from Accounting and bookkeeping, with a variety of allied value added services. The company believe in undertaking the responsibility of your entire accounting and payroll function thereby allowing you more time to focus on your core business competencies.

Apart from accounting services, Finsmart offers:

  • Outsourced reconciliation services
  • Audit and review services
  • Company incorporation services
  • Outsourced payroll services

SME Joinup believes that Finsmart Solutions could proved to be the right accounting and bookkeeping service provider for your business because client satisfaction and quality work have been their main focus from the day one and they have designed their services in such a way that an entity can avail the services on one stop shop basis i.e. right from the start to the growth phase.

 Maple Tree Business Consultants – Payroll services from Mumbai

Maple Tree is an India based Business Consultancy firm set up by a team of well experienced dedicated professionals rendering comprehensive professional services which mainly include Financial accounting,  Business Entry Services, Taxation, Corporate Services and Payroll Management etc. Client satisfaction and quality work have been our main focus from the day one and we have designed our services in such a way that an entity can avail our services on one stop shop basis i.e. right from the start to the growth phase.

It has other offices in the locations like Bangalore, and New Delhi.

Apart from outsourcing financial accounting, it offers services like:

  • Business entry services
  • Taxation
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Corporate services

Grow with us TopSource – Accounting & Bookkeeping Service provider located at Pune

Top Source brings to midsize companies a level of service and business value previously available only to the largest corporations.  TopSource can be found at other locations as well like Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

All processing is accomplished in full compliance with accounting best practices, using extensive quality control measures and electronic archival protection of all your source documents. Their fully redundant IT system and broadband connections via two separate providers ensure continuity in the event of power failure or other disruptive event, and actually increase the secure 24/7 access to all documents and data by authorised personnel at your company.

Apart from accounting services, TopSource also offers:

  • Human resources
  • Payroll

Why SME Joinup recommends TopSource because it is an award winning specialist payroll and accounting support services organisation. It offers the optimum balance of process and flexibility to help your business grow. The services are utilized by over 500 companies that range in size from owner-managed to multi-national corporations.

To read their upcoming blogs, click here.

You Can’t Resist, But Click…………..

Think about all the times, when you have signed up for the accounting and bookkeeping services but haven’t received good service. SME Joinup helps you identify the right financial and bookkeeping recommended service provider for your business, as we believe that the above mention service providers are not only successful, but they follow best practices.

Please remember to fill in the form, with your information so that we can easily get you connected with the best of service provider suiting your budget and business requirements.


 Image source:procountconsulting.com



November 27, 2015

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