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ValueMoves Computing Pvt Ltd is a Talent Management and HRMS service provider based out of Mumbai. Since its inception in 2011, it has been providing software support to its clients in HR Administration, employee performance management, Payroll, Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development. The company has its own software titled “RentanHRProcess” which is a SaaS based software that enables clients to address HRMS, Talent Management, Recruitment and Payroll related needs. TeamWork is another SaaS based product which helps in improving an organization’s work efficiency. The company has a team of highly talented and expert professionals lead by the Founder and Managing Director, Mr.Rajagopal.

Services Offered

1.    HRMS:

The RentanHRProcess Software provides best-in-class HRMS solutions to the clients. The software constitutes different modules covering the various aspects of HR processes like Attendance and leave management, On-Duty Management, Contractual Employee Management, Employee Self Service, Organizational Hierarchy and related aspects. It also helps in on-boarding and induction of new employees in the system.

2.    Payroll:

ValueMoves provides Payroll on Cloud services to its clients for efficient management of employee payroll. It ensures a seamless flow of processes by managing the entire gamut of payroll functions on cloud effectively. The service comprises of IT filings and exemptions, Loans and Salary advances, Gratuity and Arrears calculation, Full and Final Settlements, checks processing, downloadable payroll registers, payslips and payroll related reports.

3.    Employee Performance Management:

The company specialises in employee management processes like appraisals, goal setting, setting of KRAs and KPIs, increment planning, awarding promotions and variable pay. The entire process is seamless and hassle-free with zero chance of errors in computing and processing.

4.    Talent Management:

The SaaS based HRIS software enables the managers to recommend training needs for their team. It also helps the employees in career planning and organisation in succession planning. It also enables monitoring the attendance and performance of employees in the training and developmental programs and the overall efficiency of the training through the corresponding ratings. The various promotions and role changes can be instantly updated and implemented based on the Talent Development Plan.

5.    Talent Acquisition and Management:

The SaaS based Software enables the management to track and fill vacancies created in the event of employee separation or organizational growth. It also ensures management of staffing and recruitment within the specified budget. The application enables interview scheduling, mass mailing and messaging, update and manage the interview status, closing the open positions and dispatch offers to the selected candidates. It also helps in preparing recruitment summary and the Turn-Around-Time for closing the positions.

6.    TeamWork Software:

TeamWork is a SaaS based software application which enables the management to measure and improve work performance. It is a systematic daily working platform which provides the employees with better work-related clarity and focus. The software enables task assignment, progress monitoring, work quality evaluation, completion time and providing inputs for performance appraisals.


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ValueMoves’ office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It Clients

It is associated with the following names and companies:

  • Hinduja Global Solutions
  • Finar Limited
  • SGI group of Industries
  • D Mart
  • Mercator
  • MPTA Eduction
  • Avalon Consulting
  • Messe Frankfurt
  • Shreenathji Rasayan Pvt Ltd among many others


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