Founded in the year 2010, ProfitBooks is an Online Accounting, Inventory Management and Payroll Management application especially developed for SMBs and early stage businesses. It also comes with productivity tools like task management, notepad, internal messaging system and document management (with Dropbox integration).

Create Professional Invoices and Estimates


This application has been built with aim on replacing different software in any typical office setup with one powerful tool. Its best suited for accountants, startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs.


Services offered by ProfitBooks

Online accounting software designed for India. Profitbooks is fastest growing and simple to use cloud accounting software for Indian Businesses. The features are:

  • Attach scanned expense receipts
  • Categorize expenses according to projects
  • Record payment made to vendors
  • Track your payables
  • Record stock purchases
  • Record journal entries
  • Maintain chart of accounts & taxes
  • Invite an auditor to review your books
  • Maintain multiple Warehouses
  • Allocate batch numbers
  • Maintain re-order level
  • Identify top-selling product
  • View all transactions at one place
  • Create professional Purchase Orders and send them directly to your vendors.
  • Record banking transactions

Image result     The Team

  • Mohnish Katre is Director at ProfitBooks. He is chartered accountant with over 10 years of diverse experience of working in the field of financial research and providing Corporate Finance services to SMEs. Working with SMEs has given me insight on inability of small businesses to adopt new technology to automate business operations since the available options are targeted majorly for bigger businesses.
  • Amit Mahalle is Director Business Strategy & Sales at Profitbooks.


Profitbooks has its head quarters in Pune.