Hives Online India Pvt Ltd

Hiveslab is an upcoming and dynamic digital agency that provides services such Website design and Development, Mobile Application Development, etc. The company works towards crafting beautiful and responsive websites so that your work can be streamlined and your online presence can be improved. The team utilises the latest versions of various new web technologies and develops websites that are lightweight and promise to be exceedingly fast.

Hiveslab has a young team of developers, coders, designers and strategists who ensure that every client feels satisfied with the product.


Services offered

1.    Web Development & Design

The company undertakes development of websites using latest semantics for the design of visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing websites.

2.    UI/UX

The interface is designed specifically for every individual client for maximum usability.

3.    SEO

As far as getting traffic is concerned, SEO is one of the most critical parts of a website and Hiveslab provides excellent off-page and on-page SEO services to make your website search engine friendly.

4.    Social Media and Digital Marketing

social media and digital marketing is essential for improving online presence and to reach wider audience. Hiveslab helps you to achieve these goals with their expertise in this field and the company utilises a number of strategies to improve the visibility of your website.

5.    Branding

Branding is a very crucial part of any business and Hiveslab helps you improve your image to attract more customers.

6.    Web Hosting

Since every website needs an excellent web hosting, the company provides one of the best hosting servers so that you get a lightning fast experience.

7.    App Development

In modern times, every business needs a mobile application to attract more and more customers. Hiveslab is dedicated to designing and developing stunning mobile applications for every client.

8.    Domain Registration

Hiveslab helps you to acquire an easy-to-remember domain name that can describe your business efficiently.

9.    Data Privacy

The company provides the best data privacy services for your online business.

  1. Technical Support

Hiveslab is dedicated towards providing the best services to their clients through its 24*7 customer support service.


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Hiveslab has its office in Pune, Maharastra.



Hiveslab is a relatively new which in its short span, has worked with few clients, the most notable being ESHOPMARKETS.COM for whom the company has created a shop informal website.


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