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Introduction of the service

  • Do my employees really need this particular training session?
  • What should be the mode of training — in-person or online?
  • Will my employees be able to transfer the skills learned during the session?
  • Will the training eventually be useful for the business and help it meet its goals?

Employees are the heart and soul of the business. As a business owner it is your responsibility that they reach to their full potential. Formulating the right training, learning and development of your employees is fundamental to your business’s success.

Features of Training & Learning and Development

  • Diagnosis of present problems and future challenges
  • Improve individual performance or fix up performance deficiency
  • Improve skills or knowledge or any other problem
  • To anticipate future skill-needs and prepare employee to handle more challenging tasks
  • To prepare for possible job transfers
  • To face any change in organization strategy at group levels
  • The learning opportunity promotes self-esteem

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In the traditional and most familiar form of training and development, in-house classrooms wherein a group of employees gathers in a room and is led through the program by an instructordoesn’t promises to bring in the results – Training, learning and development have grown much more than a 4 walls.

Outsourcing training, learning and development in your company will:

  • Helpremove performance deficiencies in employees
  • Greater stability, flexibility and capacity for growth in an organization
  • Accidents, scraps and damages to machinery can be avoided
  • Serves as effective source of recruitment
  • It is an investment in HR with a promise of better returns in future
  • Reduces dissatisfaction, absenteeism, complaints and turnover of employees

Trainers can be informed about the broader needs in advance so that trainers can design course inputs closer to the specific needs of the participants.

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Outsourcing training, learning and development service providers uses different methods such as:

Conferences and forums

  • Employees can attend conferences that focus on topics of relevance to their position and the organization
  • Upon their return, have the employee make a presentation to other staff as a way of enhancing the individual's learning experience and as a way of enhancing the organization

Field Trips

  • This helps your employees gain a better understanding of the full range of programs and clients that your organization serves
  • Field trips to other organizations serving a similar clientele or with similar positions can also provide a valuable learning experience
  • Give staff going on field trips a list of questions to answer or a list of things to look for

Peer assisted training

  • Two employees agree to help each other learn different tasks. Both employees should have an area of expertise that the co-worker can benefit from
  • The employees take turns helping their co-worker master the knowledge or skill that they have to share

Courses, seminars, workshops

  • These are formal training opportunities that can be offered to employees either internally or externally.
  • A trainer, facilitator and/or subject matter expert can be brought into your organization to provide the training session or an employee can be sent to one of these learning opportunities during work time.
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Though there are different ways to differentiate your employees (learners), they all broadly distinguish learners as:

  • Doers: These people learn best by doing. They take interest in applying what they learn. In other words, they prefer hands-on experience to theory.
  • Feelers: These learners are outgoing. They prefer unstructured learning environments. They focus on emotions and feelings.
  • Observers: These people learning by watching and listening. They prefer learning by exploring.
  • Thinkers: These are independent learners. They like to analyze and discuss ideas and concepts with others.

A learning, training and development program should make sense to both the organization and the trainee. As the promoter of the training, you expect certain positive change in the performance of your trainees. Your trainees should feel that the training will add to their skill set and make them more productive in their work.

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Bring in speakers from the community who foster innovation and personal development, or invite a speaker from your industry association to talk about trends. Train informally once every two months as a lunch program.

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Depending on the kind of training and learning program you choose will determine the price factor:

  • Number of hours
  • Live coaching
  • Video seminars
  • Hands on practice
  • High quality course content material
  • Cloud based lab learning
  • Immediate feedback through knowledge check
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