Are you in need of a good attorney?

Finding a good lawyer for legal advice ?

Need corporate legal consultancy but no idea where to find one good one….all these and other several legal hassles

Over the past five years, the depth of legal service offerings are offered at affordable prices and with that customer satisfaction has grown to the largest which has made it possible for clients to prefer outsourcing legal services for their various legal works.

Company Formation Services

Documents, approvals, permissions, unlimited costs and a lot more follow up to register your company. Register a Pvt Ltd, Public Ltd, LLP or Partnership Firm, do it seamlessly.

Due Diligence Services

Clean and verified financial records gives a clear sign that your company is genuine and runs the way it’s supposed to. Before you raise equity funds, A Due Diligence will ensure your books of accounts and company documentation is audited.

Patents,Copyrights and Trademark

Get your company logo, name and brand trademarked. Get patents filed for your inventions or get Copyright done for your creations.

Legal Documentation Services

Get legal documentation done for your company. Employment agreements, JV documentation, partnership agreements, bonds, client documentation etc at reasonable pricing and help from the experts.

Litigation and Arbitration

Dealing efficiently and effectively with disputes, using heavyweight disputes lawyers who add strategic value, is an essential part of any Suits, Litigations and Arbitrations you come across.

Compliances For Your Business

If you are looking to raise Debt or Equity funds or planning to sell your company or getting into a Merger, proper legal documentation is important. Preparation for any of these transactions is very critical for a seamless process.

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