Top 5 Things You Must Know in order to Choose Your Cloud-Based Payroll Package

November 25, 2016

Top 5 Things You Must Know in order to Choose Your Cloud-Based Payroll Package

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Do you want to choose a cloud-based payroll package suitable for your business needs? You will see many cloud-based payroll packages available for you to evaluate. The cloud based payroll system is ideal, profitable, and superior to the traditional payroll system. This payroll system is operated using the internet as a medium and as an interface between the employer and employees. It is operated from the cloud allowing companies to manage and operate their payroll accounts from anywhere.

SaaS payroll means software as a service payroll. It is an e-payroll using an online application, which makes it easier for you to reward your employees accurately and accordingly. It is a cost effective and profitable system that enhances the smooth administration of the payroll processes. Here are some of the steps you will need to take to process your payroll using a SaaS solution. Firstly, you will log in to a safe website and enter the worker’s payment details such as their names, salaries, and deducted taxes. Then, crosscheck the information to ensure everything is correct, and approve or authenticate the payroll for payment.

Payroll services for small businesses

There are Payroll services for small business that can help them grow and maintain their profit. The essence of the Saas payroll is to ensure that small businesses maximise their profits and maintain their growth potentials. As a small business owner, you must choose a payroll service that suits your business model and to do so you need to find out the best payroll service providers.

Now, while you are thinking to implement cloud based payroll system to your HR strategy, you must be wondering that is it worth it? Let us discuss some of the differences between manual payroll and small business payroll solutions.


While the cloud based payroll system is still a new name, it is worth mentioning that it is more cost effective than your current manual payroll processing. Cloud computing requires a lower cost of computing. Moreover, the price depends on the size of the company and it is highly flexible. You can decide the parts of the services you require, or you can let the service provider assess your case and come up with the best price available. This way, you can make sure that you are getting the service for what you are paying for rather than paying multiple HR professionals to carry out the task manually and ending up paying higher amount eventually.


Unlike manual and on desk payroll works, cloud-based payroll helps the HR professional to access to all the data on the go. Even if your HR professionals are stuck in the traffic, they still can make the work done. It improves the productivity and employee satisfaction.


No matter how careful you are, the chances of mistakes are higher in manual computing, and it can cost you more. In the case of cloud based payroll, the chances of mistakes are fewer due to cutting edge technology and automation.


Often, in-house payroll processing is complicated, and the employees spend many hours just to grab all the information about the entire in-house payroll process. Cloud-based payroll offers simplified and clearer pay slips which are easy to understand. Moreover, these payroll processing require lesser time and the employees get paid on time always.

Now, these are few very basic advantages of payroll services for small business over the in-house manual payroll systems. For small businesses, these benefits become larger in the long run. Due to the flexibility of cloud-based payroll software, a small business can easily adopt this service without worrying much about the budget. Initial investment and the transformation may seem like an intricate task, but once you take this on board, you will find it more compelling.  

Having considered all the various payroll services and the benefits they could provide for you, let us look at the top five things you must know to choose a reliable and proficient cloud-based payroll package that will suit your business needs.

1.    The package must be cloud based

You must understand that your cloud-based payroll package is an online service; therefore, you can operate it from anywhere. You can use it to settle the wages of different categories of your workers such as freelance workers, contractors, part-time and full-time workers respectively.



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2.    You should consider the advantages and disadvantages

The greatest advantage of a Saas payroll service is the automation of payroll calculations, payroll tax payments, end of year tax forms, and other features. With these features, time is gained, the cost is minimised, and the system becomes accurate. The disadvantage of a web-based payroll service is that it will cost you more money to manage other than when you are operating your payroll on your own. Another major disadvantage is that the payroll service provider may make an expensive mistake that will cost you a lot of money and attract a fine from the government. Furthermore, if you are operating where internet services are not good, then you do not need a web based payroll service provider.

3.    What is the cost of operating the package?

The cost varies according to the package you are requesting to operate. You should consider the options of a flat monthly rate and per pay period payment. There are basic plans and advanced plans. Some payroll providers’ charges range from $10 to $100 on basic plan platforms while per pay period charges range from $2 to $10. Other services like tax deductions may use direct deposit to charge for the fees.

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4.    The features and qualities of the payroll service

Before you decide to choose a payroll service provider, there are some basic things you should know you should consider in terms of their features such as the ability to analyse payroll reports, easy and understandable package, cost effectiveness, and a reliable and proven payroll provider. You should also evaluate their capacity to integrate and merge your software to their own; they should be supportive of the customers or workers, outages and routine maintenance culture should be understood, accessibility to the workers and extra value services such as workers compensation plan, retirement plan, and instalment labour force payment.

5. There must be an online customer service interface for complaint resolutions.

A good payroll service provider must have an online interface between the customers and the provider for the resolution of complaints and other issues. It is called the frequently asked questions (FAQs), the page where intending customers would get adequate information about the payroll services. There should also be a free live chat session, where you could interact with the customer service agents and get answers to your questions.


Some of the benefits of having a small business payroll solution are the integration of your accounting software with the payroll system; you will have support and business intelligence, and you will be able to manage your business very well. Moreover, you will have a good human resources and payroll software that keeps a record of attendance, time management, and other essential features that will make your business successful.


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