What People Hate Most About Emails?

August 23, 2016

What People Hate Most About Emails?

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Mails are shared for everything because it has wide reach and handiness to share with everyone. Undoubtedly email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics, but it doesn’t mean that business owner can start sharing anything blindly with an expectation that magic will happen soon. Marketers need to use some professional tools for effective results.

Notably, there are many things that people hate most about emails shared from you or businesses. You must have heard about bad email marketing campaigns but it is difficult to understand that what exactly is wrong with the emails shared by the businesses.

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So, now the question is what we can do to eradicate bad emails sharing problem? Here are some key things that people hate most about mails all along the advice that can be considered to run successful email marketing campaigns.

“I get too many mails from this brand and it sucks”

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Everyone has a email accounts.  Endless mails are shared and received everyday worldwide and it sometimes leads to a miserable condition for some receivers. A person, who has subscribed a brand’s newsletter and mails, does not mean that he will like everything that is send to their inbox. The condition becomes worse when same brand start sending 4-5 mails in a day.

People hate getting mails too often from the same brand and it does not remain an effective way to communicate with subscribers.  So be specific for number of mails sharing in a day and how much to talk about a same thing. Email only when you have something special to share with audiences as a delightful surprise as it will force them to click and open your emails.

 “They share irrelevant content and it doesn’t excite me”

Why will people open your emails if there is nothing of their interest that excites them? Sharing of irrelevant content through mails is one of the most costly mistakes done by businesses. People prefer to unsubscribe you from their list rather than receiving useless massages daily in their inbox.

Now question is how you can get to know about your subscribers’ interest and hobbies that will keep them excited for your mail? Well, if you study the past data that you have used for mail sharing; you will easily get to know all about subscribers’ interest. You can track easily which mail they have opened which one they ignored.

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Also, study other valuable insights like gender, location and purchase choices before moving forward with next mail. Key findings will help you to create a targeted and personalized email campaigns that will keep your audiences motivated to open mails received from your side.

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“Mails are not mobile optimized and it’s impossible to read as per my expediency”

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The Ultimate mobile email usage stats 2016 says that mobile email will account for 15 to 70% of email opens, depending on your target audiences, product and email type. So for every email marketer, it is very important to consider mobile phone, tablets and other gadgets as they play a key role in email interaction.

If your mails are not mobile optimized, it will definitely affect the success of your campaign because it creates complexities and complications when opened on mobile vs desktop.

So to ensure good results from your campaign, consider all the fundamentals of designing a mobile optimized email. Also keep your audience in your mind and follow the best design regardless to allure audiences to click on the shared mail and links. If you find that maximum of your subscribers are opening mails on Android and iPhone, must follow smart techniques to make mail good looking on these devices.


“I am fed up with the mails that have not real address to reply”

Sometimes we saw the mails with message “Do not reply” and this is another disaster from businesses! People don’t like to put up with something for longer that is not open for two way communication.  They expect email or phone number for quick reply or response when find something relevant or of their interest.

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 “This brand share colorful and over designed emails”

No doubt everyone like mails that are beautifully designed but when brands start sharing over designed and heavy colored mails they barely opened by audiences. If you use too many images –it will take longer time for opening and people hate waiting.  So, try to keep your mails simple and worthy to read without using too much colors and images.

“Mails are not optimized for HTML”

A mail looks stellar if it is HTML enabled because sometimes many people can see only plain text mails by default. So to ensure that your emails aren’t lost because of poor HTML optimization, take help from an expert. Always allocate clear alt text to images and use of light colors in the background.

“Why they are mailing me”

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The key rule of email sharing is only knocking to those people who are apt choice! If you share mail with those people who have not any interest in you or your products, your mail opening rate will slow down automatically.

“Mails Are full of mistakes and not proof read before sharing”


If you send a mail that is full of mistakes, it shows disrespect toward receiver. This mistake is very easy to avoid. You should have to check designed mail’s spellings and grammar before sharing it with your subscribers.  Also, check the primary call-to-action links that should not be broken.

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“Subject lines are too long and not able to read on my mobile”

When your recipients are using mobile phone to read mails shared by you, the subject line needs to consider the most important thing. Experts recommend 30 characters subject line for mobile receivers.  Use the most important information to write a crisp and small subject lines.

“Unsubscribing difficult”

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It could be frustrating when subscriber fails to find a direct option to unsubscribe the mail, if he/she doesn’t find mails of any use.  Keep unsubscribing mails very simple and clear, so that your recipients can do it very easily.

Want to know more about mails marketing?  Connect to SME Joinup and send your queries at request@smejoinup.com for expert guidance with no hassle. Similarly, if you have any other pain point about emails, please share in the form of feedbacks or mail on same email ID! It will help other businesses to make relevant changes in their email marketing campaigns to understand their subscribers’ problems to ensure growth.

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