Get School Wide Analytics of your Students - MyNalanda Student Analytics Solutions

March 23, 2016

Get School Wide Analytics of your Students - MyNalanda Student Analytics Solutions

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Schools need data to improve—but they don’t have time or resources to use arcane analytics. myNalanda makes it simple for educators and administrators to ask sophisticated questions, get actionable answers, and share their findings easily online. It’s also a powerful analytics solution provider that provides visibility to assess students and teachers.
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Understanding The Basics of myNalanda Solutions

myNalanda’s philosopy is based on helping students (parents), teachers, and schools to understand their potential and the environment they are working in. Once they understand these 2 factors through their assessments and analytics, it becomes easier for them to take more informed decisions about their growth.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we leave understanding of our true potential to chances and a few out-of-the-blue revelations. At other times, we try to be the best everywhere. This seriously reduces our chances of growth, success, and happiness. This is as much true in education as it is in any other professional working environment and applies equally to children, adults, and schools.
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myNalanda believes that it can achieve significant growth, success, and happiness in our lives by harnessing the objective data of our strengths and areas of development. It believes that with an authentic data of their potential, it can connect with the isolated skills to build a set of potential and take an informed decisions about their own growth, success, and happiness. Needless to say, once known the direction where the growth is, it has already made a significant headway towards success.

myNalanda Solutions Vs Usual School Assessments

mynalanda vs assessments

myNalanda’s solutions are designed to assess individual’s and school’s potential and the environment in which they operates. Based on the realistic understanding that comes from our solutions, students (parents), schools, and teachers can take effective decisions to grow from their current position (Point A) to their actual growth potential (Point B).

myNalanda  School Analytics Solutions

Complete School Analytics (CSA) is the complete and comprehensive solution for schools. In addition to Student Analytics and Teachers’ Analytics, CSA provides visibility into the very crucial part of school operations – cost saving and wise budget utilization. To achieve this, myNalanda assesses school brand and infrastructure in addition to assessing students and teachers. The biggest uniqueness of CSA solution is that it maps the trends from brand, infrastructure, student, and teachers assessment to each other to find out where school can save cost and improve its budget for maximum benefits.
school analytics program benefits
complete school parameter list
myNalanda provides School Analytics solutions to English-medium schools across the academic boards. The student analytic tool assess students, teachers, infrastructure, and school brand to identify the trends that matter for growth of your school. It brings out the strengths and uniqueness of each student.

How myNalanda Student Analytic Solutions Can Provide Your Schools Students Improve Their Performance

Student Analytics focuses on measuring advanced Quality Learning Outcomes (QLOs) to assess the potential of each student from class 5th to class 10th. It brings out strengths and uniqueness of each student. These strengths and uniqueness are collated to provide school-level data which school can use to achieve parents’ satisfaction and promote school brand.
myNalanda’s advanced QLOs are very much different from academic performance or basic QLOs. They include essential outcomes such as Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving Skills at one end and highly specialized outcomes such as, Creativity, Curiosity, and Originality of Thoughts at the other end. Advanced QLOs are the skills that help student to do well in academics and competitive exams and to grow into a good professional in his/her career.

student analytics solution benefits

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Scores of these QLOs help parents and school to understand the strengths and areas of development of each student. School leaders can use the data on students’ strengths to promote school brand. This data directly helps school to engage with parents to increase parents satisfaction

The key parameters of student analytic tools include:

  • Curiosity
  • Thought originality
  • Brain flexibility
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving skills

We understand this “Student Analytic Tool” with a fine example, mentioned below:

Brief About Adit Gupta:

Adit likes Science, Maths, and English subjects very much, as he finds them interesting. He is passionate about space, stars and planets. He feels is always curious and interested in knowing about them, and for the reason he wants to become an Astronomer. According to myNalanda’s assessment, his strengths and areas of development are:


analytic tool


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