Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Application Development Services

August 30, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Application Development Services

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With the advent of technology, the concept of marketing is evolving every day. Gone are those days, when even websites were considered a luxury for brand promotion and marketing. Organizations are now more open to trying newer and innovative ways to stay ahead in the marketing world. This trend is not restricted to the bigger names in the market, as more small and mid-level organizations are investing in new brand promotion and marketing techniques and tools.

One such trend which has proved its worth is Mobile Application. The growing access of internet and the rapidly increasing mobile-savvy population has made these apps a priority for many brands.  While a few years ago, responsive websites were enough to cater to this section of consumers, growing competition and the increased demand from the consumers have compelled the organization to provide a more personalized and individual-centric marketing platform.

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While mobile responsive websites ensure that the customers get to know and understand about the business, there is no personalization. Also, a website does not offer any additional feature than showcasing of one’s business and brand.  A mobile responsive website is just a projection of the desktop version of the website which is compatible with the consumer’s mobile.

This doesn’t help the companies in staying ahead in the competition. Consumers need more than just a mobile friendly website. They require a next level experience which is more engaging and entertaining.

There is a research which says that from early 2014, users have started spending more than 86% of their time on mobile apps as compared to 14% on mobile responsive web browsers. The trend is going up every year, and more and more companies are creating a dedicated mobile app in addition to a mobile responsive website.

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So What’s So Great About Mobile Applications?

This is a question which many start-ups and small size organization have. Why invest in something totally new when your brand already has a mobile friendly website? Let’s analyze the benefits of mobile applications.

  • Mobile Applications Equal Saved Time: Today most of our day to day activities rely on, or revolve around, our mobile apps. We have fitness apps, social apps, cooking apps, game apps, technical apps for accounting and other business needs, learning apps, and so many more. The list is exhausting and endless. According to a research by Forrester, 25% of employees on a global level get their own mobile apps to make up for the lack of apps their companies provides them.
  • Personalization: With increased market competition, there is a growing need to stand out from the crowd and provide exclusive offers and services to the consumers to keep them loyal and also to increase the consumer Responsive websites may be able to give the customers general information but a customized mobile app can give a more personal experience through geo-tagging, location info, personalized offers and discounts on favorites and frequently searched, price adjustments based on consumer’s social influence, virtual dressing room for trying out products, among many other features.

These mobile apps can be customized to cater to the customers in the Android market.

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  • Direct Marketing: All information regarding a product or service is at the consumer’s fingertips and with additional features like push notifications, they can always be updated about the latest offers, discounts, flash sales, etc. All these based on a personalized level of analyzed interests and previous searches made in the application. It is like getting to know each of the customers using your product or service on a personal level. This is of very high significance in the marketing world and makes a lot of difference in brand promotion.
  • Value Addition: Customers always love getting more out of what they spend. Isn’t that why loyalty cards and reward points never go out of fashion? Mobile apps nowadays come with a reward system for every purchase made, which can be redeemed online via the mobile app. This not only increases brand loyalty and makes sure that customers return, but also increases the customer base and brand-awareness through word-of-mouth. Nobody forgets a good reward, right?
  • Brand Promotion And Increasing Brand Awareness: A website says a lot about its target audience. Likewise, a mobile app design speaks volumes about how much the organization wants to connect with its customers and increases customer engagement. It is more personal than just understanding the customer’s last product search. A well designed and user-friendly mobile app design connects with the customer and keeps them involved and interested in their brand. Like the advertising mantra goes “you buy what you see”. Advertising is nowadays more than just making the customer see an advertisement and promoting their business. It is about building a connection with them such that they are inclined to buy the product or service. With so many options and so many competitors in the market, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and be able to showcase what one’s business can offer and why choosing them would benefit the customers. It is all about reaching out.
  • Making business user-friendly: Consumers today are busy and want quick fixes for everything. They require a service which will make their online interaction less tiresome and more exciting. It is good if a business is available on call or mail 24/7 for customer’s queries and needs, but it is great if a customer can just get his/her product or service need satisfied with just few clicks in the personalized application. The difference between good and great is what will matter for an organization to be a step ahead than the rest and grow. Companies must ensure that they stay updated with the market trend with a customer friendly mobile app for business growth.

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The essential aspect of successfully developing and launching a mobile application is understanding the target audience and the mobile platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc.). A cross-platform application can also be built, which does not exclusively focus on the Android market. A market study needs to be done to understand the customer needs and the competitor mobile app’s analysis to know what is trending and what is not.

The next set of decisions would involve how to go about the mobile application development process- whether to hire a third-party agency or a full-time app developer. Normally for a small and mid-size organization, it is better to go for an external mobile app development company as they are more specialized in the work and would cut on the cost of hiring two or three developers and aligning them with the organization.

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There must be proper and well-defined communication on the expectations and needs of the organization. Regular meetings between the developers and the organization’s representatives are needed, to understand the developments and make alterations if needed. There must be a research done on the available languages and the mobile software development options trending in the market.

Post-pilot release of the application, it is always necessary to ask for feedback. Follow customer and critic reviews for understanding the areas to improve the mobile app design and customize it according to the client’s needs.

Mobile apps are a necessity for every business – small or large. It is important to seize the opportunity when it comes, rather than to wait for a later date. As they say- “Early birds get the worm”!

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