Bulk Email Marketing Service Providers In Pune & Mumbai Explain Why Email Marketing Is Recommended For Startups?

April 11, 2017

Bulk Email Marketing Service Providers In Pune & Mumbai Explain Why Email Marketing Is Recommended For Startups?

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Bulk Email Marketing Service ProvidersIn Pune & Mumbai say, “Decades have gone by since the marketing ninjas first decided to use email as a tool to reach out to the users, and even today email is the most widely used method for both sales and marketing.

In today’s era, when the major portion of the economy is being sustained by sprouting start-ups and the job opportunities curated by them, the most important question that arises is ‘How do I reach out to more and more consumers?’ Today, when the competition is breath-taking, one needs to pace up at every step, just ‘reaching out’ isn’t enough anymore; one also needs to reach out in a way that is welcomed and responded to.”

That being said, e-mail marketing is considered the most efficient and recommended form of marketing, especially for a start-up. But why? And should it really be given the importance and value?

Well, given below are some points that will give you food for thought on this topic.


Bulk Email Marketing Services Outnumbers Every Other Form Of E- Communication

When we discuss start-ups, the more important thing isn’t quality but quantity. You need the approval of a 1000 customers before you can have one valued and genuine customer. With that in mind, the number of email account holders is far too less than any social media account holders. And far too less means around 3 times of all the social media accounts combined. Now, when one can mail people prolifically, why would one opt for any other way of marketing?

Email = Reaction

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Since email is something which is a blend of personal and formal, people tend to react more. So, even if you do not get a reply, the mail must have gone through your target at least once (even if hastily).

“A perception that is very personalized cannot be ignored altogether, and that adds to start-ups’ using this as a way of announcing their existence. With a tinge of politeness and exclusiveness, one can always be lured to at least have a look at the showcased entity (entity being start-up in this case).”, explains a leading bulk email marketing service provider.

Bulk Email Marketing Service Drives Cross-Arena Existence

A user will always have different social media accounts, you know, one for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for Instagram, so on and so forth, but usually, all these accounts are linked to one email address. This makes the user more reachable. Think of it this way, when you have the email ID of a user, you can literally reach out to him/her anywhere (any existing social media profile) and it is as easy as a single click.

Campaigning And Presentation

One of the Bulk Email Service Provider in pune explains, “Now, when it comes to campaigning, email is the cheapest medium to do so; it cost 2 to 3 times more to launch the same campaign via a social media profile, and not every platform supports it. Presentation part is quite tricky when we are talking about the emails, as you really need to be precise, witty, and most of all ‘able to lure a reader towards you’ (creative might be the word for this one). “


Start-Ups Support Start-Ups


The realm of email marketing has reached to the extent where there are various start-ups that actually help you out with email campaigns in various ways. The most important part of this benefit is that, since the domain of start-ups is very huge, the offers and discounts available (especially for start-ups) are also abundant. These offers bring your cost of marketing to a few bucks and your reach is still not affected.


Leading Email Marketing Services Provider Suggest Simple Is Better

There is a saying in the marketing world, i.e. “Simple is better”. This saying is very apt for email marketing. Now, this might seem to be a very weird saying, but those who have been a part of marketing strategies, would know. Users getting on board depends a lot on the way you market your product; if your marketing methods are very complex and difficult to understand, this might push your users away. On the other hand, if it’s easy and simple to understand and co-relate, it can fetch you a new customer. Email is the simplest of all, when it comes to the ways of advertising a product.

Automation Is For You



image courtesy:Business 2 Community

With advanced technology and even better integrations in place, the automation part of any software has become an important tool for saving time while getting better at your job. Now, if you explore the world of tools that are available and the extent to which your task can be automated, you might get overwhelmed. Choose your automations carefully and use them to produce fruitful results. While automation is a very useful invention of mankind, it might also have glitches for your product.


Monitoring Is The Key

The tools available these days for launching and running campaigns, are so well developed that you can get a very detailed report about the response of your mails. You might want to know how many times the links in your email were clicked, how many people opened your email, how many actually read it, how many threw it to spam, and how many signed up for your platform after reading that email. It might sound like huge amount of data, but once represented in a graphical picture, it starts showing trends about your email, and opens door for you to get better.


Email Gets It Delivered

You can never be sure about a Facebook post, but your email gets delivered 95% of the times. Now, since email has been delivered, you actually get to know the response to it. If the user didn’t open it, maybe the subject didn’t catch his/her attention; if he did not signup, maybe you need better content. You get to know the trends quite fast, and hence you understand who your target customers should be.


Emails Are Meant For Conversations

Emails were and are meant for conversations, and this is a truth that helps email marketing a lot. While people might be shy to respond to a status or tweet, but they might think a lot before replying to an email (of course, if you impressed him/her). Due to the tinge of personalization that the email beholds, it is easy to get people respond to it.


Finally, after digging through so many reasons by leading email marketing services provider for using email marketing strategy for start-ups (especially for start-ups, though not exclusively), it is also important to understand when the users start pushing your product.


Spamming users are the most important and negative reason that anyone would avoid. When someone on boards your product, and you start shooting mails to that person, you’re not informing that individual about your product, you are actually irritating him/her and this might reach an extent when your emails start getting spammed, and that is not a healthy sign of growth for a start-up.


There is a term in web-development terms, ‘responsive’, which refers to the ability of your site to adjust according to the screen-size without ruining any part of the site. This should be true for emails as well (although, most of the email clients themselves adjust this, but still cross-check once for each email that you shoot).

These are very important things that you should note and know about email marketing, but the most important thing is to remind your customers about your existence from time to time. This puts your brand name at the top of his mind. And he is more likely to buy from you than any other brand.





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