Boost Your Sales With Your Own Corporate Video And Films

December 30, 2015

Boost Your Sales With Your Own Corporate Video And Films

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You don’t have to “go viral.” For small businesses, even a simple corporate video ad will work wonders for your online marketing.


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Forrester Research Group says “A Video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine.” (

Deciding on an advertising budget and determining how to spend it can be among your most challenging decisions. Advertising options have changed and expanded considerably over the past few years, and updating your strategy definitely means taking advantage of the new, digital marketplace.

So how can you create a dynamic advertising campaign with a limited budget? Corporate Video and films

Corporate Video and film gives you  opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you.

Adding video to e-mail marketing boosts customers’ interaction—such as opening the email or clicking on any of the content—by as much as 200 percent to 300 percent, says Marc Fleishhacker, managing director at WPP’s Ogilvy Consulting.(

When a large brand like Pepsi or Old Spice decides to use video, there are a lot of factors they have to consider: What message is their video expressing? How will it affect their customers? When should they release it for maximum impact?

Small businesses have to contend with all those same issues, but with smaller staffs and less money. Despite the challenges, there is value in video for small businesses, even if you’re a video greenhorn.

Corporate video and film is intimidating and often considered too expensive. Not every medium-to small-size business has the resources to put millions of bucks into their marketing or advertising videos. With the right content and a few basic tools, and a modest budget, any business can create engaging, high-quality corporate video and film that will help solidify your relationship with existing customers and bring in new prospects.

You can, of course, hire a production company and have them make a corporate video for you. But if that option doesn’t fit into your budget, you can make a very effective video yourself using simple software or an online video service.  However, DIY might help but the video/film will lack the professional touch and there will be minute errors and mistakes which could turned out to be disaster when they are live watched by people.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you in creating great, compelling corporate videos/films hiring a corporate video and film maker.

Pick up a purpose

Not all corporate videos serve the same purpose and they shouldn’t be the same. Some corporate videos are designed to get new customers, others to get new employees. Some videos want to sell or promote a product, others may be more about raising brand awareness of your company as  a whole. Think about what your company has to offer and how you can offer it in video.

plan of action

Customer testimonials can be a great way to show people your products and customer service, as well as display the value of your company or product. Employee testimonials can be a powerful way to recruit new hires. Product overviews can help prospective customers learn more about a product and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Provide stories to your corporate video/film maker to connect, engage and entertain your audience

When thinking about the stories that will support your corporate video’s purpose, recognize that not all stories are equal. Some have more emotional pull than others, some are funnier, some are action packed. Corporate video take time and money and there is no reason to spend valuable resources on a bad video. As you plan your video, consider which stories you have to tell and which ones are the strongest.

Talk to your team and think about how you can turn your company’s experience and experiences into interesting consumer experiences through video.  Remember to keep it simple and keep it short.

Your video doesnt have to be a Hollywood style, but surely production matters

No one is expecting your company video to look like a glossy Nike ad or a blockbuster action movie, but that doesn’t mean it should look like someone shot it on their iPhone. If you want corporate videos that will have impact you need to invest in them like any other marketing measure or by hiring a company like Dream Foot.

Getting your corporate video/film out to the world

Now that you’ve made your video and are ready to share it with the world you need to launch it effectively. The same is true for your corporate video. So don’t get too caught up in production and post-production that you forget about marketing and distribution.

post your videos

YouTube is a great place to host your video. In addition to being the most popular video hosting site, it is the second most popular search engine after Google, and it’s results are also prominent on Google searches.

More important than the hosting is the promotion. Facebook, Twitter, your company blog, website, and email list are all great ways to spread your videos. Be careful not to spam people with too many, but an occasional update with some video clips will actually be appreciated by many.

identify the channels

Beyond your own social media, try to pitch your videos to publications, especially smaller industry publications that may need video content. Depending on your video it could even work for a bigger publications, but regardless of the size, when you get your video on a publication it means people you don’t know are learning about your company.

Now that you have tips to figure out about your video/film, all you require is a good, professional corporate video and film making company – Dream Foot.

logo  Dream Foot is a boutique, design driven full service company based in Vadodara (Gujarat),catering to all your web, graphics and audio-visual needs. They help companies bring ideas to life by devising engaging communication using iconic content and inspiring designs in the form of motion-graphics, films, interactive websites and apps, digital campaigns and marketing collaterals.

Storytelling takes many different forms. Dreamfoot, is a team of passionate storytellers who express the visual and sonic soul of the messages. For us, crafting designs, films, websites, campaigns and designing sound is all about opening the magical door into the world of story so consumers of message can connect with the very heart of the experience.




Connect with Service Provider

Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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