7 Benefits That Small Businesses Can Enjoy by Having Applicant Tracking System

October 30, 2015

7 Benefits That Small Businesses Can Enjoy by Having Applicant Tracking System

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With an ever-increasing number of employment regulations to deal with, and the subsequent need to retain compliance documentation, proper record keeping has become a top priority for HR departments everywhere. While large companies will often look to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to assist with the recruiting process, they should rather be considering the benefits of using a dedicated application tracking system (ATS).

When it comes to using an Applicant Tracking System, most recruiting or HR professionals are strongly divided. Some believe an ATS fails to catch all suitable applicants, while others praise their time-saving properties. Still, Applicant Tracking System has undeniable benefits, which make them attractive for many recruiters.

An applicant tracking system is a software application designed to help a company recruit candidates more efficiently. It can be used to publish job openings on a company website or job portal, screen resumes, and generate interview requests to potential candidates through e-mail. An applicant tracking system lets hiring managers to be proactive and easily create jobs on the platform that can then be published out on social media networks along with targeted job portals.

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Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

Having an Applicant Tracking System is the rule rather than the exception anymore. While several companies, large and small, continue to request paper resumes and cover letters, a major share of business organisations use Applicant Tracking Systems due to the sheer volume of interest they have in each and every position open in their company.

  1. Applicant tracking system helps recruiters to filter through unsolicited resumes. It offers simple, impartial solution to the growing problem of resume management.
  2. Applicant tracking system allows recruiting staff to screen candidates, move them through the workflow process and keep all the documentation in one place. It saves employers’ time and helps them stay organized.
  3. Applicant tracking system stores all the resumes in the system. So if there is a future requirement that is more appropriate for a candidate, the system will flag his or her application as positive.
  4. Applicant tracking system is designed to help companies save time and money. By automating processes, companies reduce the amount of paperwork usually associated with hiring function, helping to save time and lower administrative costs. Applicant tracking system can also save on the cost of advertising by automatically publishing job vacancy ads to job boards and finding potential candidates already ‘on file’ to contact.
  5. Elements like resume screening, online job posting, and interview scheduling can help relieve much of the manual work associated with recruitment, allowing small business owner’s or their hiring personnel to focus on more important hiring activities.
  6. Applicant tracking system uses pre-defined standards and qualifications to help you recognize and select ideal candidates. Also, as an ATS reduces time-to-hire, you can keep high-quality applicants more engaged and less prone to removing themselves from the recruitment mix.
  7. Applicant tracking system provides complete reports on sources of applications i.e. where the candidates are coming in from. It also takes into account compliance requirements and legislation. Further, an applicant tracking system is accessible anywhere; all you need is an efficient internet connection.

Leveraging the benefits of applicant tracking system…

Applicant tracking system makes the recruitment process much more streamlined for recruiters, making the time it takes before a manager or human resources employee contacts applicants who seem like good candidates for the job much shorter. EmpXtrack Applicant puts you firmly in the driver’s seat and gives you complete control over your hiring programs. You can now manage your recruitment process according to the strategic needs of your business by matching the most suitable talent to crucial requirements.

Benefits of EmpXtrack Applicant Tracking Software

  • Automates and tracks a wide range of information right from open vacancies requirements to individual applicants’ qualifications, education, etc
  • Receives recruitment requests from various departments and links each of these with a job description
  • Posts the vacancy list on the company job portal (which we provide, if not available)
  • Creates and maintains records of recruitment agencies and contractors
  • Allows candidates to post their resumes on the Applicant Tracking portal for more than one job after registration
  • Tracks all CVs including those that may have been rejected
  • Generates automatic acknowledgment letters, interview invitations, etc
  • Schedules events such as written tests and interviews and informs both the interviewer and the candidate
  • Provides a dashboard to track the efficiency of the recruitment process
  • Conducts verification checks for selected candidates

EmpXtrack Onboarding software, part of the EmpXtrack Recruitment software is again an excllent way for tracking talent best aligned to organizational goals.

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Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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