7 Benefits of Hiring Cloud Telephony Services For Small Businesses In India

October 10, 2015

7 Benefits of Hiring Cloud Telephony Services For Small Businesses In India

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Cloud telephony services are similar to the concept of cloud computing. In cloud computing you can access your documents from the network cloud. Likewise cloud telephony too is a virtually hosted system. Upgrading your telephone software to the cloud offers numerous advantages to small businesses.

With a cloud telephony system in place, owners can totally depend on the progressive calling services and focus more on their core business activities. The advanced concept of cloud telephony services offers great flexibility to employees to work anytime anywhere. This excellent benefit of greater flexibility is the best reason to invest in cloud telephony system.

Cloud telephony services providers offer voice & data communications applications and services, hosting these on servers that the providers own and maintain, giving their clients access to the cloud. As SME owners just have to pay for services or applications they use, they have a more cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment. All this without the headaches connected with conventional PBX system deployment!

“In the past, businesses have been able to do this for IT services, but not telecom. Cloud communications is attractive because the cloud can now become a platform for voice, data and video. Most hosted services have been built around voice, and are usually referred to as hosted VoIP. The cloud communications environment serves as a platform upon which all these modes can seamlessly work as well as integrate.” (Source: Wikipedia)

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Benefits of Hiring Cloud Telephony Services

Cloud telephony services offer several benefits over traditional on-premise telephony applications. Here are some of the key benefits –

1) Exclusive service features

Cloud telephony services have highly advanced features that make it easy to connect and revert on calls. Some of the popular services include interactive voice response, voicemail, call forwarding, push SMS, automated call distribution, etc.

2) No installation or maintenance cost

For SMEs, the capital investment to set up VoIP infrastructure in-house could be too high compared to the potential return. The traditional telephony applications require on-premises maintenance, PBX, and a great deal of wiring through a Main Distribution Frame (MDF).Good news is that cloud cloud telephony services provide same benefits on a lower-cost subscription basis.

3) Flexibility

The setup of cloud based communication system is highly flexible given the fact that a huge number of people are connected in a same network to communicate & share data anytime. Also in a cloud telephony system, owner or the employees can increase or reduce the numbers of telephone systems depending upon the existing business requirements.

4) Cost-effective

Cloud telephony services are great value for money. Small businesses get high return on investment as progressive cloud telephony system facilitates overall communication process smoothly and effortlessly. At the lowest possible cost, cloud telephony services offer opportunity to experience VoIP.

5) Readily available support

When a cloud based communication solution is installed in a business environment, there is no need for employees to be worried about hardware expansion, database management and software updates. Everything is handled by the cloud telephony service provider.

6) Technology expertise

The cloud telephony services providers are expert in the technology. Whereas for small businesses it is unlikely to have an employee with the same level of expertise, or to hire a full-time telecommunication infrastructure professional.

7) Easy Implementation

Without the installation of hardware, or the need to visit your premises to get your new cloud telephony system up and running, implementation is quick, easy and seamless.

Cloud telephony services for your small business…

The benefits that small companies get from transferring their old hardware-based phone systems to new Cloud based solutions are many. By shifting to a cloud telephony system you can minimize your hardware costs as all you require is a router. You will only be paying for the number of users on the system. The calls between your offices and sites are completely free, which itself can save your company hundreds or even thousands of rupees a year.

There are plenty of professional third party cloud telephony services providers in India. Big V Telecom offers virtual, seamless and exceptionally innovative communication solutions to both big and small enterprises. It happens to be the first company in India to be incubated by TATA ELXSI which is a part of $100 billion Tata Group.

Big V Telecom is a CRISIL rated company with ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) certifications. The company has to its credit several awards and recognition including Most Innovative Franchise Business In The Service Sector Award, Indian Business Leadership Award, Best Franchise Business Excellence Award, Innovative Managed Service Award, Business Excellence Award, Udyog Ratan Award.

Ozonetel and Hex Wireless are also credible players in the cloud telephony services domain. Hex Wireless is a fast growing global IT services, consulting and web application development firm, providing services to all business houses, small, medium or large scale industries. Hex Wireless can provide hosted (off-site) software versions of services that were previously constructed on-site in hardware.

These can also allow the users to be more geographically distributed, since the voice traffic moves over the Internet. Their solutions cover Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Call center, Fax services, Interactive voice response, Text messaging, Voice broadcast, and Call-tracking software.

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Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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