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10 hrs of free consulting on all Legal Services For Startups And Entrepreneurs especially for SMEJoinup Affiliated Members

One free session on marketing consulting for small and medium enterprises, business, companies, Startups and NGOs. Rembrand provides end to end branding and marketing communication solutions to companies, individuals and NGOs

We are offering a discount of 12% on all Job Requirements

20% discount on Personal Consulting

10% discount on all our HR & Training Consulting Services

A full 60 day Discount on an Annual Subscription of the FPA app

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34 Chowringhee Lane Franchise is a Low Cost High Return Business Opportunity
serving the best Kathi Rolls across its outlets.
34 Chowringhee Lane was started in 2004 with the idea of creating a niche
for the ever popular super snack from Kolkata to enliven the gluttonous bend
of the average Delhiite. Known for providing the best of ingredients
thoughtfully wrapped together, the roll captures the essentials of everything
that Kolkata stands for.
Our forte lies in serving the finest at affordable prices.
We have had our share of media coverage, being written about in leading
newspapers like Hindustan times and Times Of India, as also being featured in
popular T.V. channels like NDTV and MTV.

Senorita’s is a 25 year old reputed brand of Gold plated jewellery. Senorita’s gold plated jewelry is sold through exclusive stores in more than 40 retail locations in Mumbai and around 65 outlets in Maharashtra. Senorita’s is a well known and respected brand in the imitation jewellery sector for excellent workmanship and extra long life.

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We arrange highly customized, long and short term finance solution by making fund available in a timely manner so that our clients can maximize every growth opportunity that they come across – be it new project or capacity expansion or financing acquisitions, or for any specific capital expenditure need. We provide value by managing adequate fund, comfortable moratorium period, reasonable margin, long tenure, eligible Interest rate, minimum security in the loan transaction and repayment options structured on the basis of company’s projected cash flows.

This services is specifically for providing a data that how much revenue a patented product can generate in a country. This report helps the companies and individuals in licensing and selling their patented products at a manipulated price.

Your company, product or service needs to have a strong branding and marketing strategy. RemBrand advises you on all aspects of branding, marketing and communications using appropriate tools and systems. The end outcome should be to make your brand sustainable and profitable.

It is a program for top team members of an SME/ FMB to manage their organization during the growth phase.

Providing India Entry Services to overseas Companies by assisting them in incorporating a Company in India and related compliances on routine basis

Expert Franchise Solutions is a Franchise Consultancy Firm specialized in providing Franchising Solutions to the Franchisors as well as Franchise seekers. Our services to Franchisors includes Feasibility Study & Market Analysis, Franchise Business Strategy, Legal Agreement, Franchise Offer Documents, Operations & Training Manuals, Franchise Marketing & Recruitment & Franchise Performance Analysis. On the other hand we assist Investors to choose the right franchise brand based on his vision, competencies, investment capacity, location etc.

MyOperator is a smart phone system that helps businesses manage their calls efficiently. MyOperator comes with a single access number for your business where all your customers can instantly connect with the right department or person.

Cinnamon Media & Research specializes in creating research based unique and genuine content and designs with high creative quotient. Our team members have worked with a number of organizations, across diverse markets and audiences.

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When you run a company, every single person is your spokes person. Including your Janitor. Yes your Janitor. The simple . . .

Weed has been forever used as an intoxicant. Also known to create delusion and an obsession. But what if that . . .

Yes, in today’s world if anybody is a real superstar it is the salesman who’s figured the pulse . . .

It seems easy to give advice. But what if that piece of consult backfires on to the consultant. As a . . .

Oooh, I am my own boss. The idea in it’s own brings a strange sense of feeling of power . . .

“Hello, how may i help you ? Thank you for visiting our office. Wish you a pleasant day.” These three simple . . .

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